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USS Galileo

Season 3 - Emperical Practice

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Through the trials and tribulations of Starfleet's Planetary Sciences Division, Galileo continues her work in a more practical setting while continuing to discover the unknown and test the latest scientific advancements.

Group Post Count: 3008

Included Missions

Episode 15 - Emanation

Post Count: 1321

Stardate: 68070.0
Location: Earth, Starfleet Headquarters

After being coerced by the commanders of Kreanus Colony to infiltrate the Klingon Neutral Zone in order to deliver a disgraced Klingon general to the High Council, the surviving crew of USS Galileo is ferried back to Federation space to be held accountable for its actions. The subsequent journey back to Earth via Starbase 234 is long, and upon their arrival, the crew is subjected to an intense series of formal inquiries. With no official starship or captain remaining, the crew is disbanded and given extended shore leave to allow them to grieve and reunite with their companions.

Mission Focus: Shore Leave, Character Development
Mission Length: Long

Episode 14 - Statecraft

Post Count: 331

Stardate: 68037.5
Location: IKS DuJa'Q, Beta Quadrant

Stranded on Kreanus Colony for the past sixteen days, the surviving crew of USS Galileo is approached by colony administrators with a call for assistance. Due to increasing Klingon incursions into the Paulson Nebula, the sovereignty of Kreanus is now at stake and the former Federation crew must act to protect the colony's interests. Without a starship of their own, the Galileo survivors are given an old K't'inga-class battlecruiser and instructions to proceed to Qo'noS under cloak in order to negotiate with the High Council.

Mission Focus: Action, Politics
Mission Length: Medium

Episode 13 - Rogue

Post Count: 220

Stardate: 67991.2
Location: Kreanus I, Paulson Nebula

Held captive within the newly-discovered world of Kreanus, the survivors of USS Galileo find themselves stranded inside a remote subterranean colony with little hope of contacting the Federation. Both Kreanus' fleet commander and colony administrator have made an unorthodox request for aid from the Galileo crew which would take them to the heart of the Klingon Empire to conduct treaty negotiations. The Starfleet survivors must use the next fourteen days to mourn, consolidate, and determine their next course of action. The fate of future KDF and Starfleet relations lays in the balance.

Mission Focus: Shore Leave, Character Development
Mission Length: Short

Episode 12 - Recluse

Post Count: 628

Stardate: 67958.0
Location: Paulson Nebula

While en route to Starbase 234 for stores replenishment following her recent mission on Celes III, USS Galileo receives a low-band distress call from the nearby Paulson Nebula. The transmission is heavily degraded due to nebulous interference, however the transponder appears to be from the SS Recluse -- an Antares-class dilithium freighter presumed destroyed over 40 years ago. With no other starships in the immediate vicinity, Galileo investigates the source of the signal in an attempt to locate the stranded starship and its crew...if they are still alive.

Mission Focus: Adventure, Exploration
Mission Length: Medium

Episode 11 - Divinum Mundi

Post Count: 508

Stardate: 67837.5
Location: Celes System

USS Galileo is currently finishing the last of her repair and resupply operations at Jupiter Station when she and her crew are summoned to assist in the settling and development of a new Federation colony at Celes III. A unique planet within a trinary star system, Celes III's elliptical orbit drags the world outside of the solar system's habitable zone for several months of the year making colonization efforts extremely difficult due to the variable ecosystem.

Dr. Sable Iroh, a prominent robotics and computer expert within Starfleet's Applied Sciences Division, has recently developed a new humanoid artificial intelligence prototype which shows much promise. SFASD and Starfleet Operations have both authorized Dr. Iroh to begin practical test trials, and the colony at Celes III provides an optimal test bed for the new android. Galileo's mission is to escort the colony ship, the doctor, and her prototype to Celes III, then assist with colonial establishment and observation before reporting their findings back to Starfleet.

Mission Focus: Science, Exploration
Mission Length: Medium