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USS Galileo

Season 2 - Scientific Method

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Now a seasoned ship with a veteran crew, Galileo is deployed throughout the quadrant on a series of scientific expeditions to uncover the mysteries contained within the Federation.

Group Post Count: 5055

Included Missions

Episode 10 - Symposium

Post Count: 732

Stardate: 67576.5
Location: Jupiter Station

USS Galileo returns from the Mirror Universe almost two weeks after mysteriously disappearing during Starfleet's annual NIMBUS training exercise. Initially presumed destroyed with all hands lost, the starship is quickly rescued and towed to the nearest port where some of the crew reunite with their families and receive medical treatment. Galileo is then promptly dispatched to Jupiter Station to undergo further repairs and to fully debrief Starfleet Command's senior staff, and several members of the crew are invited to the Federation's premier annual science symposium to share their most current adventures and discoveries with the rest of the scientific community.

Mission Focus: Shore Leave, Character Development
Mission Length: Short

Episode 09 - Empires

Post Count: 834

Stardate: 67552.3
Location: Nimbus Asteroid Belt

Following the completion of the NIMBUS joint-venture war games, USS Galileo has experienced a technical malfunction in its prototype secondary deflector array. As a result of being unable to correctly discharge excess power stored in the capacitors, the unstable deflector generated a graviton beam of sufficient strength and modulation to pierce the veil between realities, and pull the Nova-class starship into the Mirror Universe.

Finding themselves in an asteroid field -- the remains of the planet Nimbus -- surrounded by nothing other than empty space, and with damaged warp engines, Galileo is unable to leave her immediate surroundings. In order to survive, the crew must work together to repair the ship, keep themselves alive, and most importantly, get home.

Mission Focus: Science, Exploration
Mission Length: Medium

Episode 08 - NIMBUS

Post Count: 661

Stardate: 67547.4
Location: Chi'Dan Sector

Well-rested and fresh off a 30-day shore leave, the crew of USS Galileo assembles back at Starbase 84 for their upcoming deployment. NIMBUS -- the annual joint Starfleet-KDF military training exercises -- is scheduled to commence in five days in the neighboring Chi'Dan sector, and Galileo has been detached from Task Force 72.2 and reassigned as the flagship of Task Force 21. The Nova-class will be joined by four other starships to represent the Federation in the pending war games. Starfleet Intelligence reports the possibility of the KDF debuting a new Bird-of-Prey design and a new battle cloak, and Starfleet's Corps of Engineers has installed a new prototype secondary deflector array with improved electronic warfare capabilities aboard Galileo in an attempt to counter. With Starfleet's top military brass closely eying the NIMBUS exercises, newly-appointed Rear-Admiral Saalm leads her task group into simulated combat against the Klingon Defense Force's most competent captains.

Mission Focus: Action, Adventure, Diplomacy
Mission Length: Medium

Episode 07 - Sojourn

Post Count: 1126

Stardate: 67333.2
Location: Starbase 84 System

After completing her investigation at the Lyshan III mining facility, Galileo is ordered to Starbase 84 for tribble decontamination, maintenance, and a much-needed resupply. The crew is granted an extended 45-day shore leave for rest and relaxation while the command staff and several senior officers oversee the implementation of a new deflector array, and the details of a new pending assignment are revealed.

Mission Focus: Shore Leave, Character Development
Mission Length: Short

Episode 06 - Legend of Souls

Post Count: 1702

Stardate: 67289.1
Location: Lyshan System

Following her yearly maintenance refit at San Francisco Fleet Yards, USS Galileo is ordered to the Federation-Cardassian border to investigate a labor disruption on Lyshan III, a joint venture mining colony which exports rare uridium ore used for starship construction. Reports of strange geological occurrences and metaphysical manifestations have been disturbing the colonists, and Galileo's planetary science teams must investigate the mines to find the true cause behind the disruptions.

Mission Focus: Science, Mystery, Horror
Mission Length: Medium