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Season 1 - Tough Little Ship

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The months following Galileo's commission prove stressful on the ship and her crew, as she undertakes a variety of missions which push her capabilities to the limit.

Group Post Count: 5809

Included Missions

Episode 05 - Solstice

Post Count: 636

Stardate: 67053.3
Location: San Francisco Fleet Yards, Earth

After her first operational year in space, USS Galileo returns home to Earth for the first time since her original launch from San Fransisco Fleet Yards in early 2389. The ship is put into dry dock for repairs and refits, and the crew is granted a 60-day shore leave. With many stories to tell and much stress to relieve, the ship's personnel indulge themselves throughout the sector while new orders are delegated to the command staff by Starfleet's admiralty.

Note: San Francisco Fleet Yards is a planetary dry dock

Mission Focus: Shore Leave, Character Development
Mission Length: Short

Episode 04 - Exodus

Post Count: 1180

Stardate: 66927.4
Location: Setisar Nebula

USS Galileo continues her ongoing mission: to explore celestial phenomena and chart new planets in the unexplored northern Beta Quadrant. After successfully surveying the Rojar system and finding evidence of an ancient civilization once decimated by the Borg Collective, Galileo receives a distress call from USS Venture, the Galaxy Class starship tasked with exploring the nearby Setisar Nebula. Details are scarce, tension and mystery permeate the crew, and a new world is found - but their biggest discovery will change the face of Federation science for years to come...

Mission Focus: Action, Adventure
Mission Length: Medium

Episode 03 - Frontier

Post Count: 1667

Stardate: 66872.5
Location: Rojar System

A new star has been discovered in the northern Beta quadrant near the edge of Federation space. Initial probe reconnaissance has revealed the star supports a mid-sized solar system which could potentially sustain humanoid life. As a precursor to possible colonization, Starfleet requires further in-depth analysis of the system and its composition. With authorization from Starfleet’s Planetary Sciences Division, Galileo has been dispatched to the Rojar system to conduct a system survey. USS Venture, the Galaxy Class which originally discovered the star, will provide overwatch during the operation.

Mission Focus: Science, Exploration
Mission Length: Long

Episode 02 - Resupply

Post Count: 901

Stardate: 66681.8
Location: Vega System

Forced to use Project Sienna to avoid destruction by the Klingon Empire, Galileo and her crew are transported through space-time using the experimental device. They arrive back in the Alpha Quadrant but off-course and damaged from her previous engagements. With her power systems crippled from using the prototype, the ship is rescued by a passing freighter and towed to the safety of Vega Colony. The crew contacts Starfleet, and Task Group 72-C arrives in orbit to retrieve and deliver the experiment to Starbase 001, Starfleet's primary research and development facility located in the nearby Sol system. Meanwhile, engineering and resupply teams are shuttled down to Vega Colony, and the crew enjoys a brief 10-day shore leave while Galileo undergoes repairs and is restored to operational status.

Note: USS Galileo is on the surface of Vega IX while she is repaired, resupplied and re-crewed.

Mission Focus: Shore Leave, Character Development
Mission Length: Medium

Episode 01 - Project Sienna

Post Count: 1188

Stardate: 66230.1
Location: Beta Quadrant

Project Sienna, an experimental propulsion technology, has been arousing the suspicion of the Klingon Empire. Though the experiment is located inside of Federation territory, Starfleet sensor nets have reported increased Klingon activity along the nearby Neutral Zone. USS Galileo has just been commissioned and is sent to safely retrieve the technology and its development personnel. Due to a hasty departure, the ship must deploy from Earth without an official shakedown cruise and manned by only a skeleton crew. Once in the Beta Quadrant, Galileo will dock briefly at Starbase 234 to resupply and take on new crew before heading into Klingon space. Once inside the Klingon Neutral Zone, Galileo will be escorted across Klingon territory until she reaches Federation space and then proceed to Starbase 152, the secret location of the experiment. Project Sienna must be recovered safely at all costs.

Mission Focus: Science, Adventure
Mission Length: Medium

Episode 00 - Pre-Deployment

Post Count: 237

Stardate: 66163.8
Location: San Francisco Fleet Yards, Earth

As construction of Starfleet's newest Nova Class starship nears completion, drydock crews and engineering personnel work throughout the night to finish installing the last of USS Galileo's systems. Starfleet Command issues hasty deployment orders and the ship's new crew must scramble to San Francisco and report for duty. With only a matter of days before pre-launch, officers and enlisted personnel must familiarize themselves with Galileo's systems and prepare her for launch.

Note: San Francisco Fleet Yards is a planetary drydock. All crew must report to Starfleet HQ in San Francisco to check in with their senior officers.

Mission Focus: Character Development
Mission Length: Short