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Mission Briefing - S3, E5 (Emanation)

Created by Captain Lirha Saalm on 16 Apr 2017 @ 1:31pm

Briefing Room

Mission Parameters

Title: Emanation (Season 3, Episode 5)
Status: Current
Stardate: 68070.0
Location: Earth, Starfleet Headquarters

Primary Goal(s): Return to Earth and debrief Starfleet Command on the Kreanus incident
Secondary Goal(s): None


Threat Level: Low
Potential Threats: Unknown

Mission Focus: Shore Leave, Character Development
Mission Length: MD -45 - MD 92

Mission Overview

After being coerced by the commanders of Kreanus Colony to infiltrate the Klingon Neutral Zone in order to deliver a disgraced Klingon general to the High Council, the surviving crew of USS Galileo is ferried back to Federation space to be held accountable for its actions. The subsequent journey back to Earth via Starbase 234 is long, and upon their arrival, the crew is subjected to an intense series of formal inquiries. With no official starship or captain remaining, the crew is disbanded and given extended shore leave to allow them to grieve and reunite with their companions.

Mission Briefing

IKS DuJa'Q, the K't'inga-class battlecruiser assigned to the USS Galileo survivors, has been crippled. Under instructions to proceed to the Klingon High Council on Qo'noS in order to negotiate peace for Kreanus and avoid possible war with the Federation, the secrets of the perilous mission were revealed which ultimately led to the renegade general Ko'raH's premature demise.

Now, the motley Starfleet crew must answer for their actions and deception. They are briefly returned to the Neutral Zone border by Kreanus' Romulan commander, Medara, then delivered to the Federation border patrol vessel, USS Chaka. From there, the crew is taken back to Starbase 234, preliminarily debriefed, then ferried back to Starfleet headquarters on Earth aboard USS Atlirith.

The homecoming is a relief for many yet also saturated with doubt and uncertainty about their collective future. While each Galileo crew member is individually investigated and questioned, the command staff is subjected to a formal Starfleet inquiry to determine their involvement in potentially-criminal actions against the Federation. Galileo's captain and command staff are relieved of command, and the crew disbanded. With no official starship to crew or commanding officer to guide them, the rest of the Galileans are granted an extended shore leave while uncertainty about their future in the fleet looms large over all their heads.

Mission Timeline

  • MD -45 - MD -33: Transit to SB-234

  • MD -32: Arrival at SB-234, preliminary debriefing

  • MD -31: Depart SB-234

  • MD -30 - MD -01: Transit to Earth

  • MD 01: Arrival at Earth, debriefing

  • MD 02 - MD 13: Debriefings continue

  • MD 14: Debriefings end, inquiry begins

  • MD 15 - MD 19: Inquiry continues

  • MD 20: Inquiry ends

  • MD 21: CS debriefing begins

  • MD 22 - MD 26: CS debriefing continues

  • MD 27: CS debriefing ends

  • MD 28: Demobilization, shore leave begins

  • MD 29 - MD 84: Shore leave

  • MD 85 - MD 91: Crew recall

  • MD 92: Shore leave ends, begin cadet training

  • MD 93 - MD 98: Continue cadet training

  • MD 99: End cadet training

  • MD 100-105: Report for duty at Avondale Shipyards
*Green denotes in-progress

Mission VIPs

Completed Mission Posts

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(Created by Lirha Saalm, USS Galileo)

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