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Ensign Oswald Goodshire

Name Oswald Goodshire

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29
Place of Birth New Berlin, Earth's Moon

Starfleet ID

Security Clearance Pending
Duty Shift Pending

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 153
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue-Grey
Physical Description “Oz” is not physically intimidating by any means; of average height and weight he blends into a crowd easily.


Father Oswald Maguire Goodshire
Mother Margret Goodshire
Pets His bug collection.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Oswald is a completely normal fellow (although, more than a bit shy around females). Socially awkward and lacking in 'street smarts' he can seem so smart that he's stupid. His field of expertise is engineering and astrophysics he finds relaxation in entomology. He is also well-versed in warp theory.
Strengths Very analytical and loyal
Weaknesses Flustered easily by a pretty face and he tends to ‘open mouth and insert foot’…ankle…hell his entire leg
Vernacular Federation Standard
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Bee, Housefly

Personal History Oz had a uneventful upbringing: his parents led a nice life on Earth’s moon and Oz never wanted for anything as a child. Anything, except a sibling, at least. After much disappointment with his parents, who consistently failed to bring a sibling home from the grocery store, Oz lost himself in the world of insects.

His interest led him into his career and he attended the Vulcan Academy of Science, where he met and obsessed over what he thought was the love of his life. Despite his interest in her and the amount of time and effort he put into wooing her, he graduated in the top third of his class…barely. Soon after graduation from the VAS, he and she were sent to the Typhon Expanse, where he spent most of his time as an engineering support tech. It was a lousy job, but he learned a bit of engineering from it and expanded his knowledge of space and space travel through it.

Since he wasn't happy with his career, or lack thereof, he joined Starfleet and attended the Academy. Academically he had no problems. However the Academy was physically grueling for him - no being the most physically fit plus being slightly older than the normal cadet.

Promoted the rank of Ensign upon his graduation from the Academy. Assigned to the Starbase 47.

During his first assignment in Starfleet he is ordered to appear for Phaser Certification Test under the instruction of: Lt. Chrissa Maxwell. He was completely flustered and infatuated by her and when she touched him he accidentally shot her. Maxwell ended up in the infirmary with phaser burns on her stomach and abdomen and Oz began to fear for his life.

While conducting a planetary survey of New Washington, Oz is bitten by an unknown bug while trying to determine the planet's suitability for colonization. The bite resulted in a near-teenaged mentality and lowers his inhibitions.

Following the bite he suffered broken nose and facial contusions when Lieutenant JG Chrissa Maxwell slams him, face-first, into a tree trunk. No charges were filed against Ms. Maxwell; Ozzy had, after all, inappropriately propositioned her.

Sometime later Oz had been discovered 'accidentally' setting a colony of fire ants free. This incident later became known as the "Great Ant Liberation". To this day, Oz fervently denies his involvement in the ants' fight for freedom. Shortly after that he is transferred to the USS Eclipse and begins to think that a career in Starfleet was a bad idea

Promoted to Lieutenant JG by Captain Lee Draper of the USS Eclipse.

Two years pass without incident and he has developed two very good friends, Jason Bly the ships Operations officer and Charghwl’HI the ships Security Officer. Things were going smoothly when he is setup by his friend. He is challenged to, and unwisely accepts, a duel with Ensign Jason Bly of the USS Eclipse. Said duel occurs in the holodeck and Bly chooses a Vorpol bunny as his champion. Oz was victorious against the bunny.

A year later the USS Eclipes is all but destroyed by an unknown assault and the entire crew was transferred to the USS Aldebaran.

Oz's favorite experiment specimen, Stinky, an odoriferous little bug, escapes his confinement in the Eclipse's Science Lab and sprays the Lab, the corridors outside and the unfortunate Crewman Samantha Reed with his viciously foul-smelling oil. Crewman Reed reeks of the smell for weeks afterwards.

Treated for smashed shoulder joint; treatment included a replacement of the shoulder joint and was carried out by a cute doctor who Oz later developed a crush upon.
The USS Aldebaran took on a project lead, a chief biologist in charge of the examination of the biosphere of Cartaris III. No sooner had the ship docked at the orbital platform then the station went on bio alert and all hell broke loose.

Following that incident one of his best friends, Charg, was charge with mutiny and the entire crew was investigated.

During what could only be described as a show trial the Captain and XO were cleared of any wrong doing and Charg was convicted of mutiny. Rather than accept dishonor for a crime he didn’t commit he watched his friend escape into exile in the Klingon Empire.

With Jason’s help he filed a complaint with JAG headquarters and eventually things were reinvestigated and set right.

Oz was later transferred to the USS Weatherbey and once again involved in a planetary survey and once again disaster struck. The crew of the Weatherbey was over taken by a similar ‘bio-collective’ encountered on the Cartaris system.

Oz was recovered from the ‘bio-collective’ by the crew of the USS Freedom.

Following his collective experience he resigns from Starfleet only to return later to find himself of Starbase 84 awaiting transfer to his assignment.
Medical History Treated for a broken nose and other abrasions following an assualt by another office.

Treated for a insect bite that had the affect of greatly lowering human inhibitions.

Recovered from assimilation into a bio-collective in the Cartais system
Service Record Graduated Starfleet Academy
Assigned to Starbase 47
Assigned USS Ecplise/USS Aldebaran
Assigned USS Weatherbey
Resigned from Starfleet
Assigned to Federation Embassy on Risa - Never arrived and listed MIA

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