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Commander Aren Ban

Name Aren Ban

Position First Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Joined Trill
Age 29
Date of Birth 06/25/2361
Place of Birth Trill Prime

Starfleet ID

Serial Number CX-374-0109
Security Clearance Pending
Duty Shift Pending

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 155 lbs.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Aren is about average height for a Trill male, with fair skin. He is lean but well toned. He has boyish good looks which lend to him appearing younger than he really is. He has the tell-tail Trill markings visible from the forehead and down the side of the neck that travel down to his feet.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Arijin Perim
Mother Kell Perim
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None
Pets None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Since his Joining, Aren is generally pretty easy to get along with and tends to have a "glass is always half full" kind of attitude. Aren has a quiet confidence about him which sometimes can seem that he is passive aggressive. Aren does his best to make up for it with an easy smile. He is always willing to listen, but isn't afraid to speak his mind.
Strengths Confident - Aren has plenty of confidence curtsy of time spent aboard ship and leading various teams throughout his Starfleet Career.

Accepting - Aren is ready for anything. He also is pretty accepting of most people, preferring to judge beings by their actions, than to make snap judgments.

Imaginative - Aren often thinks outside the box when solving difficult problems, and will try to implement new and creative ways to go about fixing problems.

Technical Skills:
Throughout his Starfleet career, Aren has had a little trouble staying in one specific field. He has always tried his best to learn everything that he can. One of his greatest strength happens to be that he is fairly proficient in various disciplines. However he really focuses and had a natural affinity for Warp Theory and Starship Operations and Control. And as such, he was often involved in brain storming and problem solving sessions.
Weaknesses New Things - Because of his symbiont he does tend to try new experiences often, especially in social situations. He sometimes gets caught up in the small details because of it.

Impulsive - Another weakness that seems to be amplified because of his symbiont is that he can sometimes be impulsive.

Technical Skills:
While Aren tended to be a “Jack-of-all-trades” type of Officer, there were a few fields that he had an understanding of but didn’t quite stick. Aren dislikes biology and chemistry with a passion, and tends to not be very proficient in either discipline. Apart from Meteorology which, to Aren, is just a giant exercise in Applied 3d modeling most planetary sciences were something that he avoids. Part of it could be cause of the Symbiont, as part of him seems to want to focus on too many of the minute details
Ambitions Being the first host of his symbiont, he strives to experience all that he can.

Aren would one day like to be a Captain of his own Starship.
Hobbies & Interests Aren loves trying new and interesting foods. However since joining Aren has been unable to eat very spicy foods. Whenever he does, it agitates the symbiont and it makes Aren feel very ill. Aren also likes to try different cultures recreational and leisurely activities. When he isn't trying new things Aren enjoys running, camping, and reading,
Vernacular Aren speaks in a clear and concise manner.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Trill, Vulcan, Some Klingon

Personal History Aren was born to Arijin and Kell Perim. Both of his parents worked within Trill Society. His father, Arijin, was an accomplished Engineer and would spent much of Aren's early life off world, often spending time at Utopia Planetia working on starships. His mother, Kell, was a prominent within the symbiont commission. Kell was lucky to have been selected as a Host for the Perim Symbiont who had close to a dozen life times. When Aren was born, she wanted him to one day experience what it was like to be Joined.

Aren grew up as an only child. After he was born his father had been selected to work on several Starship designs that caused him to be away from Trill. During that time Aren's mother started grooming Aren to eventually apply for a spot as a coveted Trill Initiate. Aren had a natural ability in mediation, even in the most difficult situations, and often would personally play the role as mediator for many of his friends during disputes. It was often because of this ability that he was able to make many friends, and would often skip out on his studies so that he could spend time with them, much to disappointment of his mother.

During his teen years Aren spent most his free time studying. He knew that he had to study hard in order to make it into the Initiate Program as they only took the best. He didn’t want to let his family down. It was an honor for any Trill to be selected. However, during that time the Dominion attacked the Alpha Quadrant. He felt so helpless and selfish, cramming for tests when the quadrant was fighting for its life. Aren wanted nothing more than abandon his studies and join Starfleet to help drive the quadrant. Before he would get the chance to enlist, the war ended. He watched vids and read the stories of the heroism of the Alpha Quadrant forces. One day he knew that he wanted to serve with Starfleet, if only so that he could protect his home. With much reluctance he returned to his studies, getting only above average marks in most classes, only really excelling with computers and physics.

When he was 17, he applied for the initiate program. He didn’t think he was going to get in, while he had studied hard, he was worried that his scores were too low. But as luck would have it, Aren was accepted if albeit on the bottom end of the class. The initiate program consisted of an intense series of exams and evaluations, both physical and mental. The physical examinations were the easiest for Aren, but the academics were the hardest. For him they caused many long nights. But he, passed, though barely, though he had heard whispers that his mother was pulling strings to make sure that he passed.

Aren’s field docent was Yueran Jax, and while she was tough, she wasn’t as tough as Dax. Aren did well, though compared to some of his competition he did terrible. However, Aren technically was rejected. During his out processing Yueran turned to Aren and asked him what he was going to do now that he was a failure. Aren turned to her and smiled. “While I may have failed here, I am not a failure. Failing is my teacher, not my undertaker. It is but detour, not a dead end. There are many doors still opened to me, even if this one is closed. I think though, I will join Starfleet, I always wanted help people, and I think that will be the best place to do it.”

After the rigorous series of tests that he had taken for the initiate program the academy entrance exams felt like a breeze. Before he was to leave for Starfleet academy Yueran Jax contacted him about his acceptance to become a host. Aren asked her why she changed her mind. “It must be because I am getting old. But something in your eyes tells me you will be a good host. Contrary to what the commission will tell you, being a host is not just about being the best and brightest. It is also about experience. And I think, you have the capability to give a symbiont a wonderful experience.” She had recommended Aren specifically as a first Host. A few days later, Aren was implanted with the Ban symbiont.

The joining process was a rather interesting affair. The joining itself went smoothly, and the symbiont didn’t reject Aren. For the first 96-hours Aren didn’t really feel any different. Once he was fully joined, he noticed that somethings about him had changed. He had trouble eating things that were spicy, it started to make him almost violently ill. Another new personality quirk he noticed was that new feelings became a more powerful feeling. Things that he never really noticed before seemed to capture his attention more, or that he tended to be a bit more impulsive.
Starfleet History Aren was accepted into Starfleet Academy just after being joined with his symbiont. Academically the academy wasn’t particularly difficult after the intense studies that were required for the symbiont commission. . Being the first host of the Ban symbiont Aren felt this strange desire to try many new things whether it was to go out and be with friends, or to try a full plate if Gah’ke. Aren always felt swamped with school work and balancing a social life. Much of his course work covered a wide range of fields covering engineering, operations, planetary science specifically meteorology, and starship combat courses.

Upon graduating, Aren was assigned to the USS Galaxy as an Operations Officer. Much of his first tour on the Galaxy was rather mundane, and was fairly typical for most Starfleet officers. His first bit of excitement occurred while he was on an away team mission, when the team was attacked my Nausican raiders. The chief of security was killed during the first few moments of the engagement. Without hesitation Aren took charge of the 10 man science team throughout the next few days, Aren helped the small science team evade the Nausicans, while managing to keep the raiders at bay until the Galaxy was able to render assistance. Because of his bravery, and stepping up into a leadership position so naturally Aren would be meritoriously promoted to Lt (JG).

For the next several years Aren would severe on Galaxy, eventually becoming the Assistant then eventually the Chief of Operations. During that time Aren assisted in several situations which helped saved the Galaxy. The resulting actions brought him creditability. The Captain of the Galaxy, Captian Sorack was impressed with Arens natural ability to fix computer problems, as well as his willingness to take criticism. But what impressed the Captain more, was Aren natural ability to lead. When he was promoted to Lt in late 2386 he was transferred to instruct at Starfleet Academy.

Initially the academy posting was met with some disappointment. Aren knew the posting was important if he was ever to command a ship of his own one day. Aren would eventually come to enjoy teaching, often learning just as much from his students and they did from him. His time at the academy was rather sort. After his first year at the Academy he was put on the short list for Lt Commander, and was given orders to Career course at the academy, and attended the Advanced Starship Operations Command School (ASOCS).

ASOCS was a grueling year and half. It felt like day after day of simulations, followed by hours of debriefings, and then class time. Aren had thought the academy was fairly straitght forward and at times easy. ASOCS was on a completely different level. There was a joke among the fellow Lt. Commanders that they were planning to move the Course to another planet, one with a 30 hour rotational period, just so that they could cram more into one day. The course lasted just over a year, and Aren learned about just all one needed to run a federation starship.

Upon graduation ASOCS Aren was transferred to the Sovereign as their Strategic Operations Officer where he would often double up as tactical officer. During his year aboard the Sovereign, they spent much of their time patrolling the boarders of Federation Space, often dealing with situations involving rouge Talshiar, Obsidian Order, Nasuican Raiders, and the occasional rogue Klingon House. Each engagement Aren handled valiantly and was recommended for further Command training.

In late 2390 he was given orders to transfer to USS Tian An Men and assume the role as Executive Officer, with a promotion to Commander. While enroute to the USS Tian An Men, his shuttle detected a strange reading coming from the Paulsen Nebula. Upon entering the Nebula, Aren’s shuttle was attacked and captured. Aren would taken to the Kreanus Colony, where he remained for a little over a month before taking command of the remaining crew of the destroyed USS Galileo.

Through early 2391 Aren and the remaining crew of the Galileo would be held captive by those at the Kreanus Colony. The colony administrators pleaded for assistance which lead to an impromptu mission through the Federation-Klingon Neutral zone. Eventually, Aren and the crew would come in contact with the Federation and would be transported to earth where they awaited the results of a formal inquiry into the events that lead to the their capture and about the Kreanus Colony.

Medical History Aren has been joined a little over decade. He has had one major change since the joining. Usually when experiencing something for the first time, he experiences rather powerful emotions.

2391 - Aren received a stab wound to the back in a fight with a mutinous Klinon Commander. While non-life threatening and he has since made a full recovery, there is still a large scar that remains from just below his left shoulder, through his left Latissimus Dorsi.
Service Record 2361- Born - Trill Prime, Trill System
2379 - Enrolled in Starfleet Academy
2383 - Graduates with the rank of Ensign
2383 - Assigned to USS Galaxy as Operations Officer
2384 - Meritorious Promotion to Lt. (JG)
2386 - Promoted to Lt. - USS Galaxy - Chief of Operations
2387 - Assigned to Starfleet Academy - Instructor (Applied Operations, Practical Application)
2388 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2388 - Assigned to Starfleet Academy - Career Course - (Advanced Starship Operations and Tactics Command School)
2389 - Graduated ASOCS - Assigned to USS Sovereign – Strategic Operations Officer
2390 - Promoted to Commander - Transferred to USS Tian An Men Executive Officer
2390 - Went missing near the Paulsen Nebula
2391 - Recovered from Paulsen Nebula. Returned to Earth awaiting new assignment pending results of formal inquiry

Character Progression System

Primary Band Command
Secondary Band Operations

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Dexterity
+ Accuracy
+ Agility

+ Acuity
+ Aptitude
Department Skills Command
+ Command & Control
+ Management

+ Computer Systems
Department Perks Command
+ Strategist

+ Multi-Tasker
+ Repair Man

Skill Training