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USS Galileo

Osian Glynn

Name Osian Arthur Glynn

Position Software Engineer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33
Date of Birth February 7, 2357
Place of Birth Lunar One Colony

Starfleet ID

Serial Number CV-885-4891
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Deck 5 - Operations Office
Quarters Pending
Roommate Pending

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 157 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Osian is a fairly plain man with a thinner face, larger nose. He keeps his hair short, and naturally informal posture.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Arthur Edryd Glynn
Mother Cindy Kim Tanner-Glynn
Other Family James Paul Tanner - Grandfather
Rebecca Lynn Tanner - Grandmother
Edryd Llwyn Glynn - Grandfather
Ellen Miranda Glynn - Grandmother
Pets None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Curious, innovative and at times irreverent, Osian has always been driven by a need to know. His individualistic streak is tempered by a genuine interest in others. At times overly-analytical and easily distracted by interesting problems, Osian is generally affable and easy-going.
Strengths Osian is deeply, even surprisingly intelligent, able to grasp complex concepts, and keep both detailed and holistic views of problems that have his attention. He is also an easy and sincere listener, which often encourages others to open up. Finally, he has a strong sense of personal mission which can help him persevere through challenges.
Weaknesses Highly individualistic, Osian is easily frustrated by organizational limits, others' fears of the unknown, competing viewpoints on certain of his deeply held beliefs and parochial perspectives. He is also a technologist to a fault, dismissing too easily concerns about whether what can be done should be done.
Ambitions Osian's professional ambition is his adopted goal of safeguarding others by understanding and dealing with emergent computational lifeforms. His personal ambition lies along chasing the dream of true transfers of human consciousness into artificial substrates.
Hobbies & Interests Pan-species psychology, philosophy and literature are interests of Osian's that flow out of his consuming first interest in computational intelligence. He also enjoys carving, craft-based art and just about any kind of sea-faring vessel.
Vernacular This will blow your mind
Don't be narrow
That's got unforeseen consequences written all over it...
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken English

Personal History From a very young age, Osian was a curious technophile with a voracious appetite for learning, questioning and disregarding rules that did not suit him. This led to any number of things being disassembled and reassembled, with predictable results.

Over time, and with judicious correction, Osian's energies were channeled into an abiding fascination with computational systems. He became an avid reader and digital explorer, equally fascinated by old and current systems. To the point of being detrimental to social life, immersed himself in the technical details and workings of just about any system he could get his hands on.

Artificial intelligence was a particular passion of Osian and he followed developments in the field like some people follow their favourite sports teams. With strong grades and aptitude scores, he was able to follow his dream of studying under some of his academic heroes.

He left Lunar One Colony after finishing school to complete a bachelor of science in computational psychology at the University of London. Even more important than his studies, his undergraduate studies were the first time when Osian was surrounded by like-minded peers. And he blossomed, much to the relief of his parents. His interests broadened as he joined the rowing club and dated a mathematics student from London who was able to show him all the city had to offer.

Osian earned top-marks and was accepted to the intelligent systems program at the University of Tokyo where he completed his masters and PhD. During his time in Japan, Osian began to learn the trade of a practicing academic as he taught, researched and studied. He continued to travel home three times a year to visit his parents and made some lasting friendships. It was one of these friends, a fellow graduate student from Jordan, who pushed Osian to apply to some of the top post-doctoral fellowships in their field.

To Osian's surprise, he was awarded the Singh-Li Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Cybernetics under Dr. Adina Ikoku of Stanford University at Utopia Planitia. The spot was sought after and surrounded by rumours of unorthodox teaching methods and connections with Starfleet. Osian went expecting an intense, high-pressure research experience.

The fellowship certainly was all-consuming, leaving time for almost nothing else. But it was nothing like he expected. He found himself immersed in philosophical debates, seminars with leading ethicists, late night benders with Starfleet engineers, and a series of the most incredible case studies he could have imagined. No few of these were delivered by serving members of Starfleet Intelligence. And all along, Dr. Ikoku was there, pushing, prodding, challenging, and molding her research team at the lab they called 'The Creche'.

The seminal experiences were interacting with the range of systems... People... That lived at Dr. Ikoku's lab. Osian's concepts of life, consciousness and identity were turned inside out in short order. Several artificial intelligences lived within the Creche's specially segregated systems. These systems ranged from simple expert systems, to cutting edge prototypes for Stafleet, to what Osian could only describe as entities such Moriarty, a program brought to the Creche by the USS Enterprise years before Osian's time there.

Researching with Dr. Ikoku mellowed and focused Osian tremendously as he came to appreciate what Dr. Ikoku and her team were doing. He applied to Starfleet's Osiris Nova Computational Technologies Program. This led to one of his few truly serious disagreements with Dr. Ikoku, who felt Osian should have applied to Starfleet Academy instead. Despite his incredible respect for his mentor, Osian was not ready to make that commitment. So while it disappointed Dr. Ikoku greatly, he went through with his application to work onboard a starship as a visiting scholar. His parents were no more receptive to his plans, having hoped he would move into an academic post and truly begin his career.
Starfleet History For many years, Starfleet has had various programs for recruiting academics who might otherwise not join the organization for tours in their areas of specialty. Osian entered Starfleet through the Osiris Nova Computational Technologies Program. To the frustration of one of the Starfleet recruiters in the program on Mars, Osian repeatedly declined to enter in the officer stream, choosing instead to complete the streamlined basic training for specialists.

His first assignment was as a systems specialist onboard the USS Zhukov in 2386. He performed well, if not exceptionally, though expanded his circle of academic contacts to include more Starfleet Operations and Engineering personnel. Osian was well-regarded for contributions in optimization, troubleshooting expert systems and teaching applications of cutting edge developments in semantic processing.

Having spent his entire adult life in academia, Osian had a hard time adjusting to the quasi-military culture of Starfleet, its hierarchical structures and the highly structured code management processes in a live environment.

This did not keep him from becoming part of life aboard the Zhukov, and in his first year he began seeing a Bajoran ensign, Reeti Todeyia. Osian fell hard for the outgoing Bajoran officer. He was seriously considering how to propose to her when the USS Zhukov put in at Zeta Alpha II in 2388.

Both Reeti and Osian have been missing in action from Zeta Alpha II since stardate 65370.
Medical History Osian has no significant medical history. He broke his left arm falling from a bulkhead when he was 8, but this was of course a minor injury that was quickly dealt with.
Service Record 2385 - Osiris Nova Computational Technologies Program recruitment, accelerated shipboard operations familiarization training;

2386 - Assignment to USS Zhukov, software systems specialist;

2388 - Missing in action, Zeta Alpha II;

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