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Ensign Abbey St. James

Name Abbey St. James

Position Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 18
Date of Birth 2372
Place of Birth Terran Battlecruiser Portsmouth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number MP-801-9460
Security Clearance Level 4
Duty Shift Pending
Office Deck 3 - Security Office/Brig
Quarters Pending
Roommate Pending

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 4"
Weight 72Kg
Hair Color Jet Black
Eye Color Jade
Physical Description Abbey was the spitting image of her mother, short but naturally blonde which she had dyed black, eyes of a deep Jade which had speckles of yellow as if a nebula had exploded in them and her face was only slightly weathered but still naturally young and beautiful. She had just one tattoo of a singular black dove the top right hand side of her back just bellow the shoulder.

She's athletic built and stands with a demanding posture always ready to pounce into action which her facial expressions match. Her body is also littered with scars remembrance from the Terran Empire back ground and rough childhood most of which are covered by her clothing.
Body Art She has a black dove on the back of her net.

=^= PNPC Owned by Luke Wyatt =^=


Spouse None
Children None
Father Luke Wyatt (deceased)
Mother Lillian Wyatt (deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Toren St James - Step Father (Unknown)
Pets She has a pet Falcon like bird who she found and raised during her time at Camp Falkirk whos name is Horos.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Abbey being brought up in the rough, tough environment of the Mirror Universe is fiercely protective of her feelings, thoughts and motives. She, until recently has lived a brutal bloodied life causing her to find it hard to trust people and allow them to be within her inner circle. Despite her many failing and flaws abbey is fiercely loyal and determined to make a home in her new surroundings and away from the hostile environment of the Terran Empire.

Abbeys hardest lesson will be learning to work alongside and sometimes under that of Xeno races she had grown up to hate such as Klingons, Cradassian and Vulcans.

Despite all of this there is a silver lining to the grey cloud which is Abbey St James she is learning to adapt into her new environment and finds its increasingly easier to speak to people and be in largely Xeno populated places, she is a strong individual who strives for better even if her attitude and stubbornness is unrivalled and often stumps her and lands her into trouble.
Strengths + Good Fighter
+ Agile
+ Good Judgement of Character
+ Ambitious
Weaknesses - Overly Aggressive
- Quick to Act/Reckless
- Lacks Discipline

= Doesn't fear death (see's it as a chance to be at peace)
Ambitions She wishes to return to a life without death and war, where peace is her main effort and though it will unlikely never happen she wishes to reunite with her father if that means death then she is willing to take the bullet for her comrades hence her often recklessness in battle.
Orientation Heterosexual

Personal History Born 2372 Abbey was born to Luke and Lillian Wyatt on Earth in the height of the Terran Empire's biggest wars against the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Luke was a Marine in the Terran Empire serving across the Alpha Quadrant which had earned him a high stature in the Empire and her mother Lillian was a Civilian contract interrogator who worked loosely with the Empire when it came to ‘troublesome’ prisoners of war. Both parents despite their positions and wealth had enemies within and beyond the Empire and kept their secrets close to their chests especially at the birth of their daughter.

Trying to keep Abbey away from the world and bring her up away from war she was homeschooled by her mother who had retired and saw very little of her father throughout her child, it wasn’t infact until she was six Luke, Abbey’s father retired and moved to a more flexible job and close to home as a personal security guard of high end Terran Empire Politicians.

With her father home it was obvious she was destined to be a ‘daddy's girl’ and more cases than not you would see the pair together and inseparable, Luke loved his daughter more than the world and at the age of 14 he was brutally murdered when on a job escorting a high end business men. The Case was clean and cut and the newly widowed Lillian and her daughter grieved with their small secluded family however most of the evidence presented in the case in Abbey’s eyes seemed sketchy and misinformative.

It was at this time Abbey began wandering further away from the family estate and into the local district to where she was heavily influenced by the Black Market rings and violence she was exposed to. Within weeks she had already started making a name for herself and found herself in league with gangs and alley way thugs, making money by smuggling narcotic. Despite her mother's best efforts Abbey was a lost cause by 16.

Moving deeper and deeper into the Crime and violence she had found herself connection into just about every gang, back alley thug and corrupt cop so when the Empire sent Marines into the district as a part of a plant wide clean up she found herself smack bang in the middle of a war zone. The Marines came up against the heaviest resistance and were merciless in killing.

Trying to escape the carnage abbey found herself trapped between two large forces and had already sustained multiple injuries with the worst sending blood down her face and her abdomen. As she tried to dart from cover to cover an antagonizing fire spread from her leg across her body as she was hit with a disruptor weapon, she laid for minutes muffling her cries hoping that the person who came across her wouldn’t Rob, Rape or worse kill her. Turning dark the firefight had moved on and Abbey was losing consciousness, she could feel warmth and lightness as the world span and she passed out.

Later waking she could hear the loud hissing of a kettle and footsteps padding towards her, closing her eyes a light chuckle caused her to flinch. The man who had saved her life turned out to be a Marine and had taken her back to the outpost they had set up at their family's estate. His name was Toren a British Sergeant who had been stationed on Earth as a part of the latest instalment in the Empires recruitment drive, he explained what had happened and how he had found her emphasising the fact how close she was to death and stating he hadn’t used a dermal regenerator so the scar would always remind her. Toren later became her most trusted friend and eventually persuaded Abbey to join the Marines to Honour her father and make the universe a safer place for the Empire.
Starfleet History Joining the Empire she enlisted as a Marine based on Mars a harsh and hostile camp where only the best and the most wealthiest recruits went to be trained to becme the best. Abbey was confused and anxious as to know who her sponsor had been but when Toren sent her a correspondence it had become clear. For the past year he had been saving the money and paid Abbey’s way to the finest military establishment as a favour to her and to her mum who he had also mentioned they were dating. Not a shock to Abbey and not a disappointment she was happy to have a fatherly figure back in her life.

SFMC was a hard ordous course and it had put her through the limits, she had come from turned herself from street thug to Marine Badass in under a few years and with the war coming to its bloodiest heights it wasn't long until she found herself serving aboard the ISS Galileo a ship her father had once served.

As a Marine specialist in Sabotage and Demolitions Abbey found herself on more missioned she could remember and more battle scars than she could count, all of which she never healed fully so that to Torens words remember what had happened and learn from them, each a reminder that she escaped the Reaper's scythe.

Her most distinguished moment was when she and a team of four other infiltrated a Klingon bird of Prey and killed most of its crew with a nerve gas before gaining entry and fighting off the bridge crew, abbey herself dueling the captain and becoming victories. The ship contained valuable data that the Empire used for weeks to come gaining further victories in the Alpha Quadrant and in turn earning Abbey her Promotion to Lance Corporal.

Earning the rank also allowed her a trip home for two weeks in which Toren and her mother married. Toren spoke proudly of Abbey and everything she had achieved and was proud to call her stepfather, even so that he granted her the use of his Last name St James. Still holding onto her past however she continued to use Wyatt out of respect to her deceased father a gesture Toren could not argue with.

Returning to the ISS Galileo she was apart of three more major battles with the Klingon-Cardassian alliance and had also earned a battlefield promotion after the death of her up 1 who had been ‘mysteriously’ poisoned. A secret abbey holds to this day along with many others.

As a new Corporal Abbey thought she had seen it all but when a wormhole had opened up revealing a ‘Mirror Universe’ and another ISS Galileo and a whole other Empire called ‘Starfleet’ one of which had embraced Xeno’s and even mated with them she couldn’t believe it. The alike ship was smaller and had less firepower than anything the empire had seen and the fight was all but laughable but the crew of the USS Galileo showed Abbey something she had not seen since her blood father, Hope, Passion, Faith.

Confronting her Seniors about the conditions the Mirror crew had been put under Abbey was laughed at and relieved of duty given one chance to redeem herself, torture her counterpart. Coming face to face with herself was the scariest moment in her life and proved not all scars were visible and when she drove the dagger into her counterparts heart she knew it was something she’d live with for the rest of her life. Fleeing the ISS Galileo thanks to the active rebellion from the USS Galileo crew and the arrival of Klingon-Cardassian Forces Abbey hide in the hangar bay only to be found by another crewman Wintrow Paragon, a boy just younger than herself who had left an impression on Abbey.

He had argued, fought her and tried everything in his power to contain her and even after she had betrayed him on several occasion and getting them sent to the brig he still vouched for her and ultimately she gained entry into starfleet after the USS Galileo returned home. Saddened by his sudden departure to the Marine Base Falkirk she couldn't help but feel betrayed herself and soon left for Earth.

The investigation process at Earth was like nothing she had witnessed, she still had all her fingers, no new bruises or scars and had eaten more here than she could remember in her entire career in the Empire. After week of Medical exams and fitness tests she was released with only a few minor mental instabilities which the medics only described as a problematic issue from her upbringing in the Empire she was given her new assignment order and to her surprise and glee to the Marine Base Camp Falkirk.

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