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Chief Petty Officer Samantha Winston

Name Samantha Louise Winston

Position Flight Control Officer

Rank Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35
Date of Birth Feburary 12th, 2355
Place of Birth Lumaris VII (UFP DMZ Colony)

Starfleet ID

Serial Number IE-390-2751
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 5 - Flight Control Office
Quarters 04-1916 EN
Roommate Ezra Koenig

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Sam is a middle-aged woman who has done well to take care of her body. No real scars exist, as she's had them removed. Her skin is ivory and eyes an icy-blue hue.

Sam wears her uniform with pride. Always pressed, shined, and clean.
Body Art N/A

=^= PNPC Benice Gyce =^=


Father Kent Donald Winston (67)
Mother Idina Martha Foster-Winston (65)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sam overall, is easy to get along with. She acknowledges she does not always understand all of the diverse cultures in the Federation, and as a result, there are rare occasions where one might find her views a bit on the "Old World" thinking. Sam is also known to be loyal and pragmatic.

Like many with her background though, she does have her moments of PTSD. Both from childhood and war, but she has managed to find her zone of focus. As well as remaining open to learning about other cultures.

Despite her being mostly-positive, Sam does tend lean back on dark humor and sarcasm when things become too much for her to handle emotionally. As well as a penchant for alcohol, when off-duty. These antics are mostly seen as a means of coping with the horrors of her past.
Strengths Besides being a great small shill pilot, Sam is great at recognizing when she should lead or follow.

To the young officers, she tends to offer sage advice without making them appear inexperienced. Even she, though, knows she does not know everything.
Weaknesses Living on a mostly-human colony, Sam's not racist. But she does tend to be a bit single-minded. This comes from not understanding some of the more colorful cultures.

That being said, Sam does try to learn and will apologize if she unintentionally offends someone.
Ambitions She wants to eventually make Command Master Chief of Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Sam's favorite activities are table tennis and reading scary novels. She also tries to run at least three times a week.
Vernacular She has a soft-spoken southern twang.
Orientation Bisexual

Personal History Sam was born into the horrific Federation-Cardassian Boarder Wars. So all she knew from the time she could walk, was the sounds of plasma shells falling and constantly being on the move.

Once 2365 rolled around, however, her family was finally able to get back to their lives. And as a young kid, she loved going up in the air with her dad to dust farms.

Flying came fairly easy for her. Gave her a since of peace. Sam was raised to focus on grades first, though. Flying was the reward, and a spectacular one at that. She loved it so much, she gained her civilian small-craft licence at age fifteen.

When she was sixteen, however, her dad had to stop flying altogether. He had broken down with such a massive case of PTSD (from the Boarder Wars), that the colony doctors were forced to take his wings from him. So Sam took up the job for about a year.

The last year of high school, Sam learned about the Starfleet enlistment program. A pilot program paid far better for her family than what she currently was getting. So Sam chose to up her physical training with her PE classes and took the entire scholastic year in her school's Jr. Starfleet ROTC program.

Once she graduated high school, Sam said her farewells and took a civilian transport headed to Earth.
Starfleet History Because of her Jr. ROTC background, Sam was given a small boost in rank. So when she reported in on June 23rd of 2372, Sam entered as a Crewman Apprentice (E2).

As she was already trained in basic flight, Sam was green-lit for the Shuttle/Small Craft Flight Program after she graduated from Basic Training. She reported in at the SFES's Flight Training School on November 7th, where she spent sixteen more weeks and three-hundred simulated flight hours, plus one-hundred live hours excelling at flying ships as large as Intrepids. Her live hours, however, were flying the school's steamrunner around Sol Sector.

Sam is one of the fortunate ones to come out of the Dominion War. She blazed through a few enlisted ranks as a result. Refused a few officer field commissions (out of fear of living down to her predecessors). She came out of the war as one of the most respected enlisted pilots, however. Given her natural instincts at the stick.

In 2378, Sam receives her Centurion status (100th landing/docking) from the crew of the USS Fallout.

A large portion of her career, after the war, was as a relief or shuttle pilot. Sam never once minded, mostly because she was enlisted. A few points in her career, however, she was offered Officer/Warrant Officer Training School because of her natural leadership ability, but she turned them down.

She wants to eventually make Command Master Chief of Starfleet. The highest NCO rank in the fleet.
Medical History August 12th, 2373 -

Sam is placed on Medical Leave for six weeks, after suffering severe electrical burns on the hands, due a Dominion sneak-attack on the 14th Fleet.

February 11th, 2374 -

Sam is treated for dehydration, hypothermia, and malnutrition at Starbase 12. Released four weeks later after mandatory psych and medical evals check clear.

Service Record 2372:

- June 23rd, Sam reports in for Basic Training, to Starfleet Enlisted School as a Crewman Apprentice.

- October 25th, Graduated Basic Training.

- November 7th, Reports to SFES's Flight Program. Shuttle/Small Vessel Flight Program.


- March 15th, Assigned to the USS Avenger. A Defiant class ship newly commissioned and in need of a pilot.

- August 12th, Avenger and thirteen other ships of the 14th Fleet are destroyed. Sam is recovered from the wreckage and sent to a medical hospital at Starbase 42.

- September 23rd, Promoted to Crewman and assigned to the Sabre Class, USS Maverick as a relief pilot.

- December 11th, Promoted to PO3 due to exemplary courage, leadership, and flight skills, upon the death of Winston's DH.


- January 20th, While doing a 'Milk Run', her shuttle is shot down. PO3 Winston would spend the next three weeks evading enemy troops on a barren, uncharted tundra moon in the Betazed sector.

- February 9th, PO3 Winston is rescued by the 8th fleet.

- March 14th, Reports back in to the Maverick as a relief/shuttle pilot.

- June 25, PO3 Winston is given her first Away Team command, to scout a listening outpost, KP-19. Completes the mission successfully.

- September 13th, Turned down a OTS offer.


- April 3rd, Transferred to the Defiant class, USS Apathy as relief pilot.


- July 27th, Transferred to the Intrepid Class, USS Fallout as their Alpha Shift Relief and shuttle pilot. Promoted to PO2.


- March 12th, Awarded the Centurion status.


- September 23rd, Turns down a WOS offer.


- August 12th, Promoted to PO1 and recognized as Enlisted of the Year in the 16th Fleet.


- October 11th, Issued an official warning for drinking excessively and causing a scene in the ship's bar.


- November 1st, Promoted to CPO and made Gamma Shift Lead Pilot on the bridge.


- February 12th, Assigned to USS Galileo as Gamma Shift Bridge Pilot.

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