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Ensign Im'er Mor'an

Name Im'er Mor'an

Position Operations Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Tarkannan
Age 23
Date of Birth May 5 2366
Place of Birth Arun R'lantha

Starfleet ID

Serial Number SB-298-9223
Security Clearance Level 4
Duty Shift Gamma
Office Deck 6 - Operations Office
Quarters 04-2725 JO
Roommate Varek

Physical Appearance

Height 1.66 m
Weight 58.3 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Mor'an has slim, pointed ears, much like a Vulcan. She has cranial ridges that curve up from the bridge of the nose into a lyre-type pattern, as well as a thin ridge down the center of the chin. Her clear eyes flash with a confidence and intelligence rarely found in one so young. Her beautiful features cannot be mistaken for delicate as one glance at her will tell you she is strong-willed and independent.
Body Art Mor'an has two traditional Tarkannan tattoos on her right ankle symbolizing the order she was born into, the Order of Ban'kina, and her family name, Im'er.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Im'er Ver'hata, Son of I'mer Tur'hon, of the Order of Nal'yeri
Mother Im'er An'aley, Daughter of Om'sul Or'ar, of the Order of Ban'kina
Brother(s) (older) Im'er Tan'orm, Son of Im'er Ver'hata, of the Order of Nal'yeri
Sister(s) (older) Im'er Ech'ia, Daughter of Im'er An'aley, of the Order of Ban'kina,
(younger) Im'er Che'kel, Daughter of Im'er An'aley, of the Order of Ban'kina
Other Family Maternal Grandmother: Om'sul Or'ar, Daughter of Om'sul Kal'vis, of the Order of Ban'kina

Paternal Grandfather: Im'er Tur'hon, Son of Im'er Elm'ban, of the Order of Nal'yeri.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mor'an's full name is Im'er Mor'an, Daughter of Im'er An'aley, of the Order of Ban'kina.

A sense of serenity follows Mor'an wherever she happens to be. She gives off an aura of calm, usually lending assurance to others in times of doubt or fear. One must not be fooled, however, as Mor'an was trained from a young age in various types of martial arts and close combat. Though a highly trained warrior, Mor'an will not fight unless it is in the aid of the mission, of someone in need or in self-defense. In her words: "Combat is used to defend, not to attack." Mor'an does not appear to have much in the way of a sense of humor, usually taking things quite literally. She is not, however, a cold person as she is affectionately known in Red Squad as "Little Gecko." Has a tendency to disobey her superiors for the good of the mission/comrade.
Strengths Very intelligent. Strong both physically and mentally. The Tarkannan use a mental technique similar to synaptic pattern displacement found in vulcans and trill, using their own mental focus to disrupt and/or manipulate the neurosystem of themselves and others through touch. Mor'an is particularly skilled in this. She also has the capability to see infrared and UV lights due to the wider visual range that all Tarkannan possess.
Weaknesses The flip side of her infrared and UV abilities is that she has trouble distinguishing between different shades of the same color, i.e. can't tell the shade of the red alert from the shade of security's uniforms. Can be very prideful.
Ambitions Wants to attain the title of Yur'urn'iel, a title that all Tarkannan wish to possess. Very few, however, have the mental capacity to do so.
Hobbies & Interests Meditation and prayer, martial arts training, painting
Vernacular Mor'an speaks in a very deliberate way, as if each word holds particular meaning. At times it is easy to misunderstand her when she speaks in Federation Standard due to her tendency to say the wrong word, thinking that it means something else.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Tarkannan, Federation Standard

Personal History Mor'an was born on the planet Arun R'lantha in the year 2366. Her training began from the moment she was born, as the ritualistic culture of the Tarkannan people is the single most important thing to each of them. It is instilled in them from the very beginning. However, her official initiation into the Order of Ban'kina does not happen until she is seven years of age (The year 2373). Though she had been training or years, her official regimen does not begin until now in both martial arts and mental conditioning.

At the age of eight, Mor'an completes the first of seven Romth'kin'gar (2374). She continues training and conditioning until all seven are completed. Mor'an completes the last of the Romth'kin'gar at the age of 14 (2380). By this time she has become a well-trained warrior, in appropriation with her age. Her mental abilities have also become much stronger and her combat technique is being honed.

After completing the Romth'kin'gar, Mor'an begins two years of intensive training focused primarily on continued mental conditioning. She is still only 16 (2382), but the elders have recognized her potential as she is responding tremendous well to the mental training.

At the age of 18 (2384) Mor'an is deemed ready to be inducted as a full member of the Ban'kina order. A mere year later (2385), she achieves Kim'sula, the first of her sisters to do so.
Starfleet History Because of her training and conditioning on her home planet, Mor'an does not join Starfleet Academy until she is 20 (2386). Not long after, she is accepted into the prestigious Red Squad. Two years later (2389) Mor'an joins the USS Galileo as in intern.
Medical History Born in the year 2366.

When Mor'an started her rigorous training at the age of seven, she no longer kept track of her medical records. The reason being that she never became ill and rarely broke bones.
Service Record Accepted into Red Squad at the age of 21 (2387)

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