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Chief Warrant Officer 2 S'rivas

Name S'rivas

Position Boatswain

Rank Chief Warrant Officer 2

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 83
Date of Birth July 1st, 2307
Place of Birth K'Lan-ne, Vulcan

Starfleet ID

Serial Number CP-707-2698
Security Clearance Level 3
Duty Shift Pending
Office Deck 6 - Operations Office
Quarters 04-2421 EN
Roommate Nesh Saalm

Physical Appearance

Height 1.84 m (6')
Weight 78.47 kg (173 lbs)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description With his tall height and a frame more athletic than many other Vulcans, a severe disposition, and a penetrating gaze that seems to judge and weigh heavily on people, S'rivas can make for a physically imposing man. His age is indeterminate, as with many of his race. With strong, muscular arms and legs, a washboard stomach, and a stiff posture, he is obviously in the prime of his life however. S'rivas seems to have mastered the art of keeping his expression smooth and without emotion, while at the same time being able to convey a number of thoughts - especially stern disapproval.
Body Art Though not art, S'rivas does have distinguishing characteristics that includes some scarring from wounds sustained in combat over his decades of service. These scars are covered by his uniform and not generally seen by others.
Portrait =^= PNPC Owned by Cyrin Xanth =^=


Spouse None
Children None
Father Seltar, 107
Mother T'dess, 106
Brother(s) S'lar, 81

Personality & Traits

General Overview S'rivas is in most ways thoroughly Vulcan. He practices the strict suppression of emotion in favour of logic, has a very rationalist outlook of the universe with little room in it for superstitions or other nonsense, and holds himself aloof from other races in a way that could easily be interpreted as arrogance. His demanding standards, as a Boatswain, make him a terror during drills, drills he tends to schedule with some frequency to make sure that everyone is up to par. S'rivas is a veritable encyclopedia on Starfleet regulations and procedures, seeming to never need to have a reference at hand as if he's committed them all to memory. S'rivas is not one to mingle socially, though can often be seen in social gathering places observing others silently and with a vaguely disapproving look about him. He insists that he is uncorrupted by the illogical practises of other races, but if anyone were to get to know him outside of his position they might begin to wonder.
Strengths S'rivas has the typical impressive physical strength, stamina, and health of his people. His impressive memory and attention to detail go beyond the norm, however. S'rivas is quite proficient at his job, be it maintaining high levels of training and readiness amongst a crew, standing in at Ops when required to run ship systems and sensors, using his engineering skills to assist in repairing systems, or leading damage control efforts during an actual crisis.
Weaknesses His self-imposed isolation often keeps him from earning the respect of others, and certainly their friendship. His telepathic abilities are weak for the average Vulcan, and he is unable to perform mind-melds with any sort of ease especially if the other participant lacks telepathic traits themselves. S'rivas also has a notable weakness for sweets for those who pay attention to what he eats, especially the human kind, and that requires more time be devoted to exercise to maintain his fitness. He is not influenced by alien influences at all.
Ambitions To see at least one crew that is not entirely Vulcan, somewhere, sometime, pass one of his training exercises with a perfect score. At that point, he believes he can retire knowing that he has accomplished one seemingly impossible task. Perhaps he'll take up acting then, or teach classes on patience at the Vulcan Science Academy.
Hobbies & Interests S'rivas' interests that others might note seem to be entirely focused around his job. He seems to find amusement and satisfaction in torturing others with repeated drills, simulations, or training exercises, even though his expression never suggests anything more than professional detachment. He drives the damage control teams hard, and one can often see him drilling them even more than the rest of the crew. S'rivas might get little sleep, as he is often turning up where he is least expected and certainly not very welcome, holding a PADD containing the latest updates on Starfleet training standards for a department and with a glint in his eye that promises suffering.

When he has some privacy, S'rivas does other typical Vulcan things. He meditates, plays Kal'toh, exercises, practises art forms such as drama and music, studies, eats jelly beans, and watches his latest soap operas that he's missed while at work or, better yet, partakes in interactive soap opera holodeck programs. For exo-cultural studies of course. He is most definitely not in any way corrupted by the illogical impulses or indulgent emotional behaviours that other species are subject to and his watching of these fictions cannot be interpreted for having any other purpose besides expanding his understanding of other species.
Vernacular S'rivas has a dry tone that while flat and hard nevertheless has a stunning capacity to drip with sarcasm, disapproval, and disappointment quite easily. One can expect to hear a number of terms from him quite frequently, including, "procedure, protocol, rules, regulations, and candy.
Orientation Homosexual
Language(s) Spoken Vulcan, Federation Standard, Zakdorn, Ferengi

Personal History According to S'rivas' personnel file, he seems to have lead a very typical Vulcan life before joining up with Starfleet. Born in the early half of the Twenty-Fourth Century, he was an average student from an average family, at least amongst Vulcan standards. S'rivas distinguished himself on occasion by having an impressive facility for detail and a commendable mechanical aptitude. He took easily to the rigours and training Vulcans endure from a young age to master their emotions, having little difficulty as a boy in learning that control. If he seemed at times perhaps too interested in alien cultures, it was marked down as a healthy level of curiosity.

When he came of age, S'rivas began schooling in the areas of education and efficiency, typical fields for one who would become a trainer of others in years to come. His first career after school was as an efficiency coordinator for the Vulcan Shipyards. He spent years in orbit, streamlining procedures and logistical processes, crew scheduling and duty rotations. His efforts earned him the high praise of "satisfactory" on his job performance there, and stood him well as he moved on to his next career. In 2333, S'rivas enlisted in Starfleet.
Starfleet History S'rivas has witnessed many things with his time in Starfleet, most of which would make him shake his head and sigh if his control had been altered by the influences of alien cultures. Which it has not. S'rivas served on the front lines of the Federation-Cardassian War as part of logistic efforts to keep the troops supplied, encountered the Ferengi in early raids before a peace was established, during skirmishes with the Romulans as they came out of their generations-long period of isolation, during the conflicts with the Maquis, and the Dominion War.

Through these violent years, S'rivas saw more than his fair share of combat duty, and has received multiple commendations in his record for bravery. He insisted that he was only doing his duty and providing a much-needed service to those troops who really mattered and needed no recognition. However, his actions during the Dominion War in taking command of his logistics squadron on Chin'Toka after it came under heavy assault by the Jem'Hadar saw him promoted into a warrant officer position as he was able to bring his fellow servicemen out alive without the loss of their supplies and equipment.

After the wars, S'rivas spent time on board other starships and seemed content to find postings that took him out of direct and likely conflict. He transferred from risky duty to that on board exploration and science vessels, and while they might have their own share of violent encounters at times it is a generally safer type of posting than he has served in the past. He currently serves on board the USS Galileo as it's Boatswain.

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