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Crewman Ezra Koenig

Name Ezra Koenig

Position Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Crewman

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid/Human
Age 33
Date of Birth 2357
Place of Birth Tycho City, Luna

Starfleet ID

Serial Number SP-050-9031
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Gamma
Office Deck 3 - Security Office/Brig
Quarters 04-1916 EN
Roommate Samantha Winston

Physical Appearance

Height 6"2' (1.90m)
Weight 178lbs (81kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Ezra is tall and slender. His tanned face is topped with a tossled mess of black hair, strategically managed to look like someone has run their hands through it.

His lips are full and pouty allowing him to use the puppy dog look to maximum potential. Combined with his huge smile and he can look both goofy and boyish depending on his expression. He dresses for comfort and mobility rather than fashion. He is known for wearing his uniform strictly while on duty; the moment his shift ends, he is in his civvies. Ezra has one tattoo located on the back of his left shoulder of a rather cute cartoon yellow duck. He's sort of embarrassed by it and the history behind it remains a secret. When asked, Ezra only says, “I lost a bet”.
Body Art =/\= PNPC Owned by Langdale Wiggins =/\=


Spouse None
Children None
Father Franz Koenig
Mother Delix Koenig
Brother(s) Charles Koenig (twin brother)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ezra is fun-loving and carefree. His boyish charms can be both a blessing and a curse for those that know him. More charming than flirty, Ezra can be best summed up as a bit geeky; especially for someone in the Security department. He's deeply caring of those he loves and can be a fierce defender when they are in need of help. Ezra enjoys any new experience that comes along. He enjoys the company of non-humans and is fascinated by different cultures and languages. Underneath his fun-loving nature Ezra is a very emotional guy. While never one to wear his feelings on his sleeve, it doesn't take a telepath to read the emotions behind his large dark brown eyes. Due partly because of his biology but also his personality, Ezra is very intuitive to others feelings and needs and tries hard not to upset those around him. This also makes him a very good security officer, preferring to talk someone down rather than use physical force which he detests.

Ezra is half Betazoid but seems either oblivious to his empathic ability or purposely mysterious about it. Others have noticed his keen intuition, but if his abilities are any stronger than a caring person he doesn't show it openly. In truth, Ezra’s abilities are slightly different than that of a true empath. He doesn’t necessarily feel another person’s feelings, it just heightens his intuition. It is nearly impossible to lie to Ezra, and security has used this 6th sense to their advantage. He can manipulate people into telling him things they normally wouldn’t. The only time he’s ever truly felt another person’s emotions as a true empath is with his twin brother, Charles.
Strengths + extremely intuitive/empathic
+ worldly, experienced and open-minded
+ patient
Weaknesses - detests violence
- emotionally sensitive
- forgets the chain of command at times
- food from other worlds
Ambitions To explore and learn new things.
Hobbies & Interests - Cultures
- Xeno Osteology
- Cliff Diving
- Exploring
Vernacular Soft spoken, reserved speech. Calm and patient words.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Fluent: Standard, Betazoid, Ferengi Can converse conversationally in a variety of alien languages that he's picked up.

Personal History Ages: 0-13yo
Ezra was born a minute before his identical twin brother Charles in Tycho City, Luna in 2358. His mother, Dellix Koenig, was a young Betazoid woman married to Frans Koenig. Ezra was an excitable child who cried whenever his brother was more than a few feet away from him. This put considerable strain on Dellix for a long time even if Charles was calm, and quiet compared to his brother and didn't seem to cry much. When Charles and Ezra were five years old, the boy's father, Frans, joined Starfleet. The family moved to Copernicus City while Frans went to Earth to attend Starfleet Academy. The twins saw their father only a handful of times until their ninth birthday. Their father was immediately posted to the U.S.S. Saratoga which began a long childhood of only fleeting moments with his dad. Their father wasn't able to attend the twin's thirteenth birthday as a new mission was beginning. Shortly after, the family was devastated as the ship his father was posted to was reported missing.

Ages: 13-17yo
Soon after going missing, the crew of Saratoga were presumed dead, Dellix grew very despondent and left her children with her sister Du'tanya on Earth saying she needed time alone to mourn. Ezra was just as unruly of a teenager as he was a child and having lost their father for good the twins were always getting into trouble. The two of them were mischievous and loved to play pranks on their telepathic Aunt. After puberty set in, the boys began displaying odd behaviour and were spending almost all of their time in silence, even going so far as to play together saying nothing but the occasional laugh. It was soon discovered that the twins were communicating with each other solely through telepathy and by their late teens were also displaying an uncanny knack for always knowing what the other was feeling even when apart. The twins developed a keen interest in chess and astronomy even joining clubs in school and starting a local chess tournament. In 2374 the twins are contacted by Starfleet and informed that the USS Saratoga was not lost after all and that their father was still alive.

Ages: 17-20yo
When the twins turned seventeen and graduated from high school they both attended the University of Washington. With the help of Charlie's calming influence Ezra settled down and the twins became more focused on school. The two of them both graduated with a BSc without much effort. Ezra had chosen physical and forensic anthropology as his major, whereas Charles chose physics as his major. This is where the two begin to differ. Ezra had a deep need to travel and (with a lot of influence from his father's stories aboard the Saratoga) had a burning desire to explore space and study things from a more hands on approach. The two brothers part ways when in 2378 Charles took the entrance exam for Starfleet Academy and Ezra left Earth on a transport vessel.

Ages: 20-33

For nearly ten years, Ezra has hitchhiked across the Universe. He has found himself in the strangest of places and is always quick to have a story. He’s been to many, many planets and not being in Starfleet has had the opportunity to explore new species without the restrictions of the prime directive. He has seen both the desolation and beauty in places all over. He has been to backwater colonies, and alien worlds and his very open minded as a result. He relied on his wits and his empathic abilities to navigate about on his own experiencing what the Universe has to offer. Never having a lot of money he relied on talking his way on to ships and hitchhiking from place to place.

In 2387 Ezra found himself back in the Sol system for the first time in nearly a decade. While his thirst for exploration isn’t quenched he has decided to enlist in Starfleet for the time being, simply for the experience. He plans to be enlisted for 3-5 years max, before leaving again to continue his exploring and hitchhiking.
Starfleet History Ezra opted to do an additional year of enlisted training to further his security and tactical knowledge and extending his personal self-defense training, for which he was lacking in skill.

In 2389, after the USS Galileo was first commissioned, he was transferred aboard as a Crewman Apprentice. After a year of on the job training, Ezra is now ready to begin his career as a fully qualified Security and Tactical crewman.

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