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Lieutenant (Sogh) Andreus Romar

Name Andreus Romar

Position Crew Member

Rank Lieutenant (Sogh)

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Argelian
Age 30
Date of Birth Second measure in the fourth cycle of Symphonic, the year of Duva
Place of Birth Temple of Whereness, Revith, Argelius II

Starfleet ID

Security Clearance Pending
Duty Shift Pending

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 192 lbs
Hair Color Caramel Blond
Eye Color Sapphire
Physical Description Andreus has aquiline facial features softened by a wicked curl to his lips, a strong jawline, and seemingly vacant sapphire eyes. He has fair blond hair that can look a little dirty blond under certain lights; he wears it military short. His muscle tone varies from month to month, depending on his mood and his particular assignments. He goes through phases where he eats and exercises enough to pack thick, ropy muscle onto his frame. Other times, he loses interest, and he leans right down.
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Children Ghaliyah Romar
Father Undocumented
Mother Hamidah Romar

Personality & Traits

General Overview Within your first five minutes of meeting Andreus Roman, you will think him still and terse. The teachings of the Temple of Whereness flow from a philosophy that considers every organism to be one small piece of a greater interconnected whole. The temple’s followers are encouraged to listen to the universe. To listen and observe, and to listen again. Only then, when one is certain of one’s place in the greater whole, should one consider speaking or acting. Although Andreus has disregarded this practice if a mission has demanded it, his natural state is quiet and still. He would rather not use twenty words if he can convey the same message in only two.

From his training in the temple at a very young age, Andreus is also naturally submissive and obedient. Following orders feels more natural to him than agonizing over a difficult choice.

Andreus has a deep-seeded inferiority complex about Klingons. It is a cultural belief common among Argelians. As much as they have become equals in the Alliance, they are still considered less equal than the Klingons by the Klingons and by the Argelians themselves. Andreus doesn’t have the same hang ups about other alien species.

When he has the opportunity to do so, Andreus has an understated, paternal leadership style. He will give junior officers, and his daughter, every opportunity to flourish and and seek success independently. However, if said junior officer fails, Andreus expects perfection, just like any good Klingon father would do. He will let said officer know how badly they have disappointed him, and he will let said officer know loudly.
Strengths His intonation and body language is largely unreadable, through great practice, and because many have the mistaken assumption that Argelian social norms are anything like Klingon social norms, just because they’re both warrior races. Also: Wry sense of humour, fast runner, self-defence and offensive combat skills, loves the feeling of bone snapping beneath his palm, computer science, mentoring / paternal instincts for his daughter and for junior officers alike.
Weaknesses Evasive, disingenuous, fidgeter, little technical skill with mechanical hardware, shifting loyalties, doesn’t relate well to most people.
Ambitions To keep his world safe for his daughter, and if not his own world, then another would do just as well.
Hobbies & Interests inter-galactic and municipal politics, bladed weapons, martial arts (Trill Gin'keu, Andorian kick-boxing, Klingon Mok’bara), economic evaluations, sculpting.
Vernacular Andreus chooses and delivers his words in a precise and formal manner, speaking in the Argelian version of received pronunciation. He prefers direct communication, if sometimes blunt. More often than not, he can come across as taciturn, choosing body language rather than speech, when he can.
Orientation Asexual
Language(s) Spoken Klingon, Cardassian, Romulan, and Terran.

Personal History Andreus Romar is of the Argelian Temple of Whereness.

Born in the Dominion of Revith's leading Temple of Whereness, Andreus Romar came into the world in silence. He did not cry. The midwives were sworn to oaths of silence during times of birthing. His mother, one of the priestesses of the temple, had been ritualistically gagged to prevent introducing him to the world with shouting or pained cries. Because Andreus’ father was apparently unknown —simply a man giving worship at the temple— Andreus remained with his mother. He was raised in the ways and the teachings of the temple. He was tutored by monks, among other children of the temple, and he tried his hands at serving the temple through apprenticeships, rather than devoted worship. Periodically, he would sojourn out of the wilderness and into the cities, but he was always accompanied by temple guards. The Argelian people were warriors by nature, and in the Mirror Universe, they never reached the Great Awakening to adopt the ways of pacifism. The cities were not safe places to live. As Andreus grew into adolescence, he abandoned any trades for building and repairing. Rather, he was trained in the ways of the temple guards. He served the Temple of Whereness as protector. He came to fully embrace the full role of protector when he was a young man; he adopted a young orphan, named Ghaliyah. Like Andreus, she has been raised within the Temple, with only brief treks into the world beyond.
Starfleet History Andreus Romar is of the Alliance.

Although Argelius II serves as a full member of the Alliance in good standing, it was once conquered by the Klingon Empires centuries earlier. The Argelian language has been all but forgotten, because its people all speak Klingonese. In time, the Argelian warrior spirit earned them respect and independence. However, their legacy as conquered people remained embedded in the legislation, which allowed Andreus Romar to be conscripted into the Klingon-Cardassian Defence Force with other young men of Argelius. Ghaliyah remained behind on Argelius with Andreus’ mother, and she has continued to do so throughout his career. Andreus’ years in basic training on Qo’noS are not years he remembered fondly, if at all. Although Andreus was at his strongest, at his most thickly muscular from his time as a temple guard, his Argelian physique and constitution was little match for combat with Klingons. Despite how well Andreus performed and excelled through his education, he was not fated to become a warrior of the Defence Force. Certainly not when compared against Klingons as his peers. When his training was completed, Andreus was assigned as a diplomatic aide. Mostly, he flitted around the quadrant, supporting the diplomatic services in their review of alien worlds who petitioned to join the Alliance.

Andreus Romar is of the Obsidian Order.

From his work in the diplomatic services, Andreus became noticed by the Defence Force’s shadowy espionage agency, the Obsidian Order. He was first recruited as an intelligence analyst, working as one among many in a bunker on Cardassia Prime. Andreus learned the espionage tradecraft that would become critically important to him when he was promoted to an intelligence officer. His responsibilities as an officer have sent him to the far corners of the Alliance and beyond, but his longest posting to date has been serving aboard the IKS Saalm as one of its tactical gunners. Even Andreus himself doesn’t know if his assignment is meant to broaden his tactical skills for a future assignment, or if he’s serving as a sleeper agent, waiting for new instructions directly from the Obsidian Order.

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