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Fleet General Jack Holliday

Name Jack Edward Holliday

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Fleet General

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35
Date of Birth May 18th 2355
Place of Birth Martian Internment Facility A23

Starfleet ID

Security Clearance Level 10
Duty Shift N/A
Office Deck 1 - Combat Control Office
Quarters 01-2105 SO
Roommate None

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft
Weight 170lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description An imposing man, strongly built with piercing eyes that show a history of manual labour, combat, and struggle. A scar from his first engagement with his former overlords has left him with a scar across his right cheek. His piercing green eyes and cropped dark hair show a military mind, seasoned by years of combat.
Body Art Former Terran slave barcode ID tattooed on his right wrist.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Robert Holliday - Deceased
Mother Claire Holliday - Deceased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None
Pets None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Born in the Martian internment camps to slave labourers Robert and Claire, Jonathan Holliday, commonly known as Jack, was born to a life of hardship mineral harvesting from the once fertile rocks of Mars, one of the few ways of life still viable for those living on the planet under the vicious control of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance overlords. His parents were killed when he was just nine years of age for complaining that the worker rations had once again been cut, something that cemented Jack's hatred of virtually all non-human species in this very centre of his being.

Following the liberation of the Sol system, the former slave found himself free of his former overlords, and sustained by nothing more than his deep seated need for revenge. Enlisting in the newly formed Alliance military, Jack quickly moved through the ranks using all the skills expected of a soldier, including a now infamous event where the young recruit eliminated his opposition for promotion with an unfortunate airlock malfunction that all be assured his assertion to the top of his battle group.

With a dark mind and a sharp blade, the boy who was once a slave has grown to a man filled with hatred, a brilliant tactical ability, and the command of the greatest human fleet ever assembled.

Strengths - Tactical genius in ship to ship engagements
- Hand to hand combat expert
- Devoid of morals or sense of humility
Weaknesses - Emotionally limited
- Prone to rage
- A history of making enemies
- Severely Xenophobic
Ambitions One will alone - the command of the empire, and the destruction of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, if not all non-humans
Vernacular Direct. A raspy voice with a deep intonation.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Terran

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