USS Galileo :: Biography - Captain Thelin

USS Galileo

Captain Thelin

Name Captain Thelin

Position Commanding Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age Unkown
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of Birth Vega Colony

Starfleet ID

Security Clearance Pending
Duty Shift Pending

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 120lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue/Hazel
Physical Description Her hair is red and she styles it straight and has been various lengths over the years. She's 28 years old, but you might lose an eye if anyone actually knew that. While she’s obsessed with how she looks and uses beauty products well, it’s not hard to tell that she’s had a hard life by the way she talks and moves her body. She has widely spaced, intense blue eyes with flecks of hazel. Her long nose and wide smile accentuates her soft feminine features. She has a petite but fairly solid physique. She has the usual pale white skin of her nordic ancestors.
Body Art =/\= PNPC Written by K'os Beaumont=/\=


Spouse Seriously? Um, no.
Father Dead
Mother Dead
Brother(s) Dead
Pets Pfft. No thanks.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Thelin is a bright individual -- which is to say she’s quite clever but not educated. She’s very enthusiastic about the things she likes, but is absolutely uninterested and bored by things that others like. Which can happen regularly. She bores very easily. When she’s bored, she tends to act recklessly or inappropriately simply to relieve the doldrums. To say Thelin is ruthless, would be an understatement. Her narcissistic personality makes her single-minded in her pursuit for her own pleasure and will take down anyone in her way to get something she wants to happen. She’s got the gift of the gab and knows how to use it. She can use her words to manipulate others and is one of the easiest liars you’ll meet. You’re never really sure if what Thelin says is true.
Strengths Looting. Killing. Manipulating. Controlling men.
Weaknesses I don't have any. *points phaser*
Ambitions To stay alive.
Hobbies & Interests Men. Booze. Sex. Pirating.
Vernacular Speaks with a lilting and seductive tone. Uses her voice to get what she wants.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Standard, Cardassian, Klingon, Ferengi

Personal History Nothing is known of Thelin, and for anyone that asks, she quickly shuts it all down.

She's the captain of her own Wallace class starship, the ISS Fenrir and contracts her ship and crew out to the Terran Empire as a privateer. She has done many hit & run, supply runs, and information gathering missions for the TE.

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