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Lieutenant JG Manuel Lucero

Name Manuel Lucero

Position Deputy Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25
Date of Birth Sep. 17, 2364
Place of Birth San Jose, California, Earth

Character Type

Starfleet ID

Serial Number EV-381-4851
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Watch Beta

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 173 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Lucero maintains a gentle look. His meticulously kept dark blonde hair is one of his most prized possessions along with his seemingly fluorescent blue eyes. His average frame and athletic build are fairly iconoclastic features when considering his position as a Science Officer. Needless to say, most find him very attractive, both physically and intellectually.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Manuel Robert Lucero IV
Mother LaTonya Lenice Shotwell-Lucero
Brother(s) Wyatt Awohali Lucero
Sister(s) Walela Lucero
Other Family Stepmother- Nicole Lucero
Pets None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Manuel Lucero is an extremely intelligent young man. And he knows it. With near-encyclopedic knowledge of anything he can get his hands on (and beyond) he has a tendency to bring irrelevant matter into everyday conversation. His ostensibly easygoing, kind, reserved, but concerned demeanor can give in to the cold reality of the man beneath the surface when situations of great peril, intensity, and concentration develop around his areas of expertise.

True trust is majorly limited only to those appointed over him within the hierarchy of command. But this does not mean that there are no exceptions.

Having a lot to say on any subject matter that interests him, he can be slightly overwhelming in his criticism. Most, however, learn that this particular brand of unwavering honesty is to be valued immensely, being that if he didn't think that you could improve, then he wouldn't waste his time with critique where it could be used in more productive ways.

However, despite all, within social situations he is, in fact charismatic and can dole out humor when needed. In contrast, when there is work to be done, no humor, or even contemplation of moral relativism within the situation, can be afforded.

Lucero incontrovertibly values poise, class, competence, and professionalism. If you catch him while he is in the heat of his position, his 'kind and caring' demeanor inflates into a slightly arrogant and pompous figure of no care whatsoever other than the task at hand. Nevertheless, if you are one who has earned your keep, the facade becomes real, and you will, definitely, have a loyal, incomparable friendship, indeed.
Strengths +Intellect
Weaknesses -Easily Bored
-Insensitive When Irritated or Focused
-Not Trusting
Ambitions Lucero is a highly ambitious individual. If asked where he sees his career going in the near future, he'd probably insist that he is going to lead the council someday. This ambition does not go unchecked, however. He never would attempt to put himself ahead of another at a detriment to the person whom such a move would affect. A direct clause of his complex moral code.
Hobbies & Interests Lucero is an avid scientific scholar and classical musician. But, surprisingly, he is also a dedicated disciple of the studies of weapons (both ancient and modern), ground and space combat, tactics, leadership, and comprehensive warfare; So much so, in fact, that in his longer stretches of free time, one can peek into his office to find him disassembling an antique handgun or find him out, training to improve his hand-to-hand combat skills and marksmanship.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken English, German (Deutsch), Spanish (Espanol)

Personal History He had enjoyed a rather privileged childhood, however he did not interact much with peers, for he was primarily schooled by his father.

His mother, LaTonya Lenice Shotwell-Lucero was an enlisted intelligence specialist in the Fleet, who married her commanding officer Commander Manuel Robert Lucero IV.

The affiliation was frowned upon due to some operational complications that ensued as a result.

Cmdr. Lucero IV was medically discharged after his wife had been killed in the line of duty as an unintentional result of a direct order given by Lucero himself, for he was deemed psychologically unstable and unable to perform the duties of the office upon which he resided. Hence, he raised his two sons (Dietrich and Manuel), with a particular loathe for the Fleet, to become a medium of infiltration from which he could attempt to maintain his hand within the Fleet from the inside.

Once realizing his father's intentions Lucero escaped the extreme delusions of his remaining parent and applied to the Academy under a rather different premise: To fight, serve, protect, and explore, for those who can't.
Starfleet History Manuel Robert Lucero V hails from San Jose, California, and was admitted to StarFleet Academy after civilian education at two universities on the Eastern Coast of the American Continent on his 21st birthday.

Upon completion of his studies within the academy, he reported aboard his first tour ship stationed in Long Beach, California. The ship then changed its homeport to San Francisco.

Lucero spent two years in the science department before recieving his first promotion to Lieutenant (junior grade). Onboard the ship, he had completed numerous tours to the Romulan/Klingon border.

Lucero reported to the Naval Training Center in San Francisco immediately after his initial ship's final tour and served as an "Officer's Adjutant" for a period of roughly two years.

After recommendation from his commanding officer, Lucero was appointed to the position of Assistant Chief Science Officer on the USS Galileo.
Medical History No significant medical history
Service Record º Graduated Star Fleet Academy, San Francisco - Cadet (Science)

º U.S.S Andromeda, Task Force 21.4 - Ensign (Sci. Officer)

º Naval Training Center, San Francisco - Lieutenant, Junior Grade (Adj.)

º U.S.S Galileo, Task Force 21.1 - Lieutenant, Junior Grade (Asst. CSO)

º U.S.S Schofield - Lieutenant, Junior Grade (Asst. CSO)

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