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Lieutenant JG Tinaro Cyi

Name Tinaro Cyi

Position Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 28
Place of Birth Betazed

Starfleet ID

Serial Number LW-280-7560
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 4 - Flight Control Office
Quarters 04-0803 JO
Roommate Miriam Kallan

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 105lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Tan. Slight build with shoulder length brown hair. Generally seen as handsome with an aristocratic nose, medium high cheek bones, and deep black eyes.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Dr. Feanin Cyi (Dean of the College of Psychiatric Studies, University of Betazed)
Mother Ambassador Ivaian Cyi (United Federation of Planets Ambassador from Betazed)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None
Pets Cat named Isotrope.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tinaro is generally a reserved individual to start with, but once you get to know him (and he, you) you have a friend for life. Tinaro is fairly laid back, enjoying lightened moods and the small things in life. He keeps a white, green eyed cat, Isotope, as a pet and close confidant. Tinaro is rarely unsure of his own abilities which is sometimes seen as arrogant and in stark contrast to his personality normally. He always deliberate in all of his actions. Due to this, he has a hard time being satisfied with his work until he deems it perfect to his own standards.

Vanilla ice cream, reading, cats.

Bullies, Klingon Opera, Going slow.
Strengths Tinaro has an unshakable belief in his own abilities and will often push himself (and equipment) past recommended levels. Genius level IQ. Fast reflexes.
Weaknesses Tinaro has no time for bullies, or fools, and is often too quick to speak his mind when dealing with them even when a more diplomatic tact may be called for. Tinaro is a bit of a commitment-phobe when it comes to relationships, perhaps because deep down he has little passion for anything other than motion and flight. Despite his hereditary telepathic abilities, he is fairly untrained telepathically and empathically, showing skill only at blocking the thoughts of others out completely and all but strong emotions. For this reason, he abhors physical contact with people because it is harder to block their thoughts while touching. He rarely spends time around other Betazoids for this reason as well.
Ambitions To be the best in his field, and make his parents proud of that fact.
Hobbies & Interests Loves math puzzles and long distance running. Trying to find a superior Transwarp model.
Vernacular His voice is on the higher end of the tenor spectrum. He as a usual High House Betazoid accent.
Orientation Homosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Vulcan, and a smattering of Romulan

Personal History Tinaro was actually born to the powerful Cyi family, of the 3rd House of Betazed. His father is an esteemed professor of Psychology and is considered one of the best in his field. His mother is an accomplished diplomat and Ambassador to the Federation. Both are highly developed telepaths and were renowned for both their ability and skill telepathically and empathically.

When Tinaro was 9, he realized he would never live up to his parents high expectations of him and decided to rebel. He all but gave up on his telepathic studies and instead focused on physical abilities. He ran track and swam in school as well as gymnastics. He tried boxing and contact sports but his small frame and height proved to be a liability.

At the age of 15, Tinaro graduated from the University of Betazed and left his home planet for Earth in an attempt to leave his parents long shadow. Too young to join Starfleet, he continued his education in his passion for speed and Astrometrics. Tinaro excelled in his studies and completed two PhDs while on Earth. Even these degrees failed to make his father proud, since there they were in math and science and not the Medical fields. Tinaro joined Starfleet Academy at the age of 19, having barely passed the entrance exams physical endurance components.
Starfleet History Despite initially struggling with physical endurance and personal combat, Tinaro outshone his classmates in geospatial physics and showed an aptitude for flying. Though he was dismissed in his first choice of career as a fighter pilot, he was accepted for starship piloting as a specialty. Tinaro managed to finish in the top ten percent of his graduating class. The one standout moment for him was coming second in the senior marathon in his fourth year.

Starfleet Career
From his first moment at the helm of a starship on his trainee cruise, Cyi’s path as a CONN Officer was set. One of his instructors even went as far as noting in a sealed report that ‘the boy is a natural’. A short 3 years after graduating as an Ensign, Cyi had been promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and assigned to the Transwarp Project as a Test Pilot. He worked hard and became obsessed with getting the best results out of the Transwarp test flights. By the time he was made Senior Test Pilot he had an equally long list of commendations and reprimands. He was removed from the project after exceeding safety parameters on a test flight. Despite the test flight being a success and disproving earlier thoughts on the limit of Transwarp drives, no other pilot would recreate the flight.

Developing a reputation as a pilot that ‘got things done’, Cyi was then posted to the Sovereign class USS Agamemnon, often being ‘temporarily detached’ from his ship to Starfleet Intelligence as a ‘test pilot’. In reality this saw him being thrown together with temporary crews to perform missions that would ordinarily be considered publicly unacceptable. It was during one of these temporary detachments that Lieutenant Commander Cyi, then Chief CONN Officer aboard the Agamemnon, struck a superior officer, Captain Dennis Walker, and disobeyed a lawful command.

His disobedience saved the lives of a 10 man covert Intel team but he was still court martialed and reduced in rank and seniority to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Tinaro has spent the last 12 months as General Aide for Navigation at Starfleet Science’s Department of Astrometric Studies Bureau of Experimental Studies on Earth. In short he was docked to a desk.
Medical History Tinaro has never been an overly resilient youth, a trait that followed him into adulthood. While he has a robust immune system, his skeletal system is easily fractured. Medical scans would show an EXTENSIVE history of mended breaks and fractures. Tinaro does not like checkups and has to be ordered to go to medical on all but life threatening injuries. He has shown to have a nervous system that is surprising resistant to G forces. He has had radiation poisoning on 2 occasions when while experimenting on his transwarp design. He suffers from migraines do the method he uses to constantly block the thoughts and emotions of others. While effective, it isn’t the most efficient way to screen off unwanted thoughts. He never put effort into learning better methods. He self-medicates a LOT esp for pain and to avoid going to sickbay and is known to keep a hypo of pain reliever of migraines and the occasional broken bone he doesn’t want to explain.
Service Record SF Academy, Conn - Trainee Cruise: USS Yves
Ensign - CONN Officer - USS Minnow, Nova-class
Lieutenant Junior Grade - Transwarp Project
Lieutenant JG -CONN Officer - USS Agamemnon, Sovereign-class
Lieutenant - Asst Chief CONN Officer - USS Agamemnon
Lieutenant - Chief CONN Officer - USS Agamemnon
Lieutenant Cdr - Chief CONN Officer - USS Agamemnon
Lieutenant JG - In custody, awaiting court martial, Earth
Lieutenant JG - Aide (Astrometric) – SFHQ (Sciences) Earth

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