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Lieutenant Benice Gyce

Name Benice Gyce Ph.D.

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 39
Date of Birth July 7th, 2350
Place of Birth Village of Tenda, Kendra Province, Bajor

Starfleet ID

Serial Number WK-307-4054
Security Clearance Level 6
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Deck 3 - Security Office/Brig
Quarters 02-0404 SO
Roommate None

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 8in
Weight 137lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Gyce is a Bajoran with prominent nose ridges, a gold ceremonial earring on her right lobe, and luckily no facial scars, given her past in the Occupation. She is however, toned in the upper body, even though she has a slight lanky appearance.

Her uniforms are always pressed, and she almost always wears the tactical vest instead of the duty jacket.

There is a limp when she walks with her cane. And given she never appears ashamed of it, she has probably gotten used to needing the cane for the rest of her days.
Body Art Gyce has a Cardassian glyph on her right shoulder, from being interred in a Cardassian-run Internment Center in the Kendra Province. In Cardassian, the glyph translates as, "Undesirable" with the Cardassian written numbers: 12-354-68.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Benice Jorah (Died in the Kendra Province Massacre)
Mother Benice Pyrna (Died in the Kendra Province Massacre)
Brother(s) Benice Dohl (Died in the Kendra Province Massacre)
Other Family Prylar Benice Shry (58, Aunt on Mother's Side)
Benice Kenjo (59, Uncle By Marriage w/Shry)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Driven is what best describes her. She has built in this need to save the galaxy complex. One criminal arrest at a time. Such goals often make her irritable when a tough case is in front of her. On the rare occasion, volatile. A coping mechanism for her PTSD/Survivor's guilt from many atrocities of the Occupation of Bajor.

Gyce, like many Bajorans, is also deeply devout though she is private, despite the earring she wears. She also has one of those personalities that is easy to get along with, if not for the fact criminals and the like see her as a cop.
Strengths To say Gyce is loyal would be the same attribute most other officers have. Aside from that, she is also very analytic - a testament to her many years as a Starfleet Criminal Investigation Officer. This trait has also made her a huge team player, and is also patient and observant.

Something folks rarely see in the would-be cripple, is Gyce's ability to think outside the box, and persevere past her handicap. She has been known to beat assailants with her cane in the most gruesome of manners. And she has been known to go without her cane on the rare dire emergency situation (though she's usually screaming for painkillers afterwards).

Overall, her ability to connect with people and to over-analyze is why she is a perfect fit on non-combat ships, and some light-combat postings such as science and medical units.
Weaknesses The most noticeable weakness is that Gyce uses a cane to support a painful nerve-damaged right leg. It, however, does not deter her as much as people would think it does. Though it does make her slower than others. And sometimes she may feel a bit awkward when she notices people staring at her.

Her calm demeanor is not to be taken at face value. As much as her religion teaches her forgiveness, she still has a lot of rage from that time in her life that she's twisted in the form of a need to catch all the bad guys she can. A PTDS/Survivor's Guilt mechanism of hers that has gone unnoticed, because most assume she's just a workaholic.

Another, less noticeable failing of hers, is Gyce's stubbornness. She cannot let a wrong go. Some might say it is a path to tunnel vision and exhaustion.
Ambitions Gyce would like to have a family, but she has killed so much in her past, that she does not feel right about trying to obtain that.
Hobbies & Interests Gyce loves working on cold cases in her spare time. Catching bad guys using her noggin is one of few things that make her feel empowered.

Swimming is something she does more as a hydrotherapy, than a hobby or interest. But it keeps the docs off her case. And to keep the docs from further annoying her with her weekly visits, she is doing yoga every morning and night.

If there is one thing she does love, however. It is cooking. Especially her own peoples cuisine.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Bajoran, English, and Cardassian

Personal History Gyce was born into the farming caste. Her parents were owners of a kava farm and vineyard. So too, was she and her brother raised to plant and grow them. When her brother Dohl was born, she was also excited to be a big sister and soon was having to protect him, when ever Cardassians came to her village to raid supplies.

The happy time in her early life, as a result, was short lived. And her family would very quickly become part of the millions of Bajorans interred in an internment camp, run by Cardassians. For many years, she and her brother would have to work long, scorching days in a water evaporation center, which would run dry of any moisture before the Cardassians would leave Bajor for good.

Much of the old bone breaks on her medical scans points to a rough, early life. No thanks to the Cardassian labor guards. And as the camps became too overcrowded, the Cardassians eventually released her and her family. But because their farm lands were gutted and barren, Gyce found herself joining the Bajoran Resistance with the rest of her family, as an eager and angry teenager.

Her dreams of getting even with the Cardassians were short lived, however. The Cardassians killed her family in the Kendra Province Massacre, along with most other resistance cell members of hers. Either the fink knew about her, or she was spared simply because someone thought she was young enough to know better than to mess with the Cardassians again, and carry that message to others.

Poverty and determination drove her, however, to continue the fight. Once she had mourned her folks and brother, she hooked up with another resistance cell and continued to slaughter the spoon heads. So by the age of seventeen, Gyce could make just about any type of IED, shoot a goat a mile away, and track their quarry pretty well. She had also amassed a kill-sheet so high, that she to this day, regrets the carnage.

...And then the Cardassians rained a genetically engineered nerve gas upon her village. Most of her cell found they could not walk. And she started having severe pain and similar issues herself. Rather they were Starfleet agents undercover, or just really stupid humans? It is unclear. But she and members of her cell were shifted off-world quietly.

Whatever this secret nerve gas was, it devastated Gyce. For a few months, she wallowed in self pity, until one day she realized that was what the Cardassians wanted. And every day, for the next several months, she went through the painful stretches, the ridiculous hydrotherapy exercises.

Then, once she was ready to face the galaxy, Gyce decided she would continue to fight injustice, despite the Vulcan doctors telling her that she would never have a normal walk again. So she applied to the Duke University Collage of Criminology, with the sponsorship of a Federation Intelligence operative she met, under cover, on Bajor (Special Agent John Kirby).

There she would spend the next six years (4 Undergrad, 2 Masters) studying the psychology of criminals, criminal methodology, criminal negotiation, and Federation Law.

Upon completion, Gyce would apply to Starfleet Academy. She would be denied twice and would win her third appeal, pending a strenuous physical test.
Starfleet History Academy life... well it sucked for Gyce, to put it lightly. She was one of the oldest and was always last, which the younger cadets loved making a point of in her freshmen year. Her physical training courses were atrocious as well, given she we allowed special programs to substitute lower-body training for swimming laps in the pool.

Two-hundred laps... in the pool.... not fun when one has to do it twice a day. But Gyce wanted to prove that she could meet the requirements of a security cadet, and then some. And once she proved her worth to those young cadets in her firearms classes by easily elbowing people in the neck or cane-bashing someone in Self-Defense class?

Cadets started to accept her more easily. Most of the security cadets still felt it was odd that Gyce focused more on the psychology and methodology of the criminal, than anti-boarding combat. But that was Gyce. Firing phasers and being the thinker of the group, rather than a hardcore doer.

She had to double her studies in the academic side of a security and tactical officer, just to prove her handicap did not handicap a team, which paid off in the end with a doctorate from her thesis on The Rise of Crime in the Post-War Fleet. And it was not until someone tried to mug her in the streets of San Francisco that her security peers finally saw that she was no weak link. Slow, but not weak.

Though there was a reprimand for excessive force from the attack against her, the fact she beat her assailant with a cane until his nose bled out won much respect, and turned heads on just what a person with a handicap could and could not do as a security cadet.

After Gyce's midshipmen phase of her studies, senior year, SS McKinley's SFCIS unit wanted to keep her as a full fledged investigator. That is where she spent most her career too.

Most of the cases she worked, are sealed due to the Federation's need for security. But the cases that are common knowledge, was one in 2386, which involved a trafficking ring of Orion slave girls being sneaked into secure military installations by Starfleet personnel.

Another notable case occurred in 2386, where her team stopped a plasma-based shrapnel bomb from going off at a Betazed Embassy on Earth, armed with a kill-switch on a veteran of the Dominion War suffering severe PTSD. She was the lead negotiator that talked the man down with zero casualties and only one injured hostage.

Beyond that, her record is clean. She takes few risks, and is methodical in all of her cases. Which is sad, really, when she had to investigate her boss, Commander Joseph Landy for suspected black market arms smuggling, off SS McKinley.

In the end, she found the evidence stacked against her boss and had him arrested. This was really what forced her to transfer out. She did not want any association with the criminal activity Landy tainted the SFCIS squad with.
Medical History 2369-

Gyce is admitted to the Vulcan Medical Institute for several neurological studies and treatment, after having been secreted away from Bajor.

The only solution to stop the neuro toxin from spreading, was to flood Gyce with neuralgenic radiation. The result was leaving her with overactive pain receptors in L3-L5 vertebra, that resists most pain blockers and shunters. So she experiences a lot of pain, but has gone through several months of pain management training to cope with much higher levels of pain than most people can. Only on rarest occasions does she request opiates for short-term relief.


Doctors from Starfleet Medical have tested Miss Benice, and while she moves much slower than others in her field, she has proven that she can run in a life or death situation, and she has the martial background to still be an asset. As it puts great strain on her body, however, it is recommended that she be assigned to an investigation unit, or a science or medical posting as their security personnel.



Morphenolog (aka Morep)


Rekja Spice
Service Record 2364-

* Enlisted in the Bajoran Resistance. Six weeks of training, certified to fire a rifle.
* Seven months later, is certified to arm and detonate most plasma-based and fire bombs in the form of IEDs, napalms, and shrapnel frags.


* Successfully takes part in the bombing of a Cardassian military compound in the Kendra Province.
* Three weeks later, serves as the unit sniper, taking out twelve Cardassian military officers in a skirmish along the Yolja River.


* Kendra Province Massacre occurs. Gyce takes time off to grieve the loss of her family.
* Four weeks later, returns to a new resistance cell called Lortah, meaning "Blight. They would raid and bomb Cardassian space ports throughout the rest of the occupation.


* Sixteen weeks before the Cardassian withdraw of the Bajoran Sector, Gyce and most of her unit, were hit with a neuro agent, designed to rewrite the signaling pathways of the motor cortex. She is the only one that is not fully paralyzed. The result is a discharge from service.


* Admitted into Starfleet Academy, after strenuous physical tests to prove her handicap would not hinder her as a Security Cadet.


* Graduates as an Ensign from Starfleet Academy.
* Assigned five weeks later to the Starfleet Criminal Investigative Service on SS McKinley.


* Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, and upgraded as a lead detective.


* Closes her last case with the SFCIS unit on the SS McKinley.
* Transfers to the USS Galileo as a Security Investigations Officer.

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