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Chief Warrant Officer 2 Tharia sh'Kari

Name Tharia sh'Kari

Position Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Chief Warrant Officer 2

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Age 30
Date of Birth 05-05-2361
Place of Birth Andor, city of Laibok

Starfleet ID

Serial Number CL-265-9836
Security Clearance Level 3
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 3 - Security Office/Brig
Quarters 04-2118 EN
Roommate Vasily Sokolov Ph.D.

Physical Appearance

Height 1.90 meters
Weight 60 kg
Hair Color Silverish
Eye Color White
Physical Description Pale blue skin with silverish hair. Tharia is slim and toned.
Body Art =^= PNPC owned by Jaana Voutilainen =^=


Spouse Thelos th'Vressa, Thavas ch'Enin and Hrani zh'Zoarhi
Children Elev ch'Zoarhi (10)
Father Tazhria th'Poltal and Igris ch'Vhane
Mother Thaalin zh'Kari and Gaalin sh'Sothi
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview She has underlying aggressive tendencies that she manages to keep control of while she was on duty.
Strengths Has a higher endurance and strength level than humans.
Weaknesses Short tempered. Not good in dealing with heat. Cannot stand gossip.
Ambitions Bring honor to her family.
Hobbies & Interests Ice climbing, Military history and fighting with the Andorian weapons like the Chaka, Hrisal, Kal'hris and the Dosalnar.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Andorii, Graalek and Federation Standard.

Personal History Tharia was raised by her zhavey Thaalin, who worked as an Art teacher at her Art Institute. During her upbringing she saw her other parents only on special occasions. Something she really regretted, but as all three of them worked in different positions with the Andorian Defense Force, they were mostly off world.

In line with her family's traditions she went to the Imperial Academy at the age of 10. In the beginning she felt lonely at the academy, but she learned to deal with her loneliness and became great combat fighter. Worked her way up the ranks in the position of an imperial guardsman. Later she transferred to the Imperial Warship Galeev.

When she was 22 she took leave from the Defense Force in order to She complied as it would be honor less to die in battle without having an offspring and 22 was already considered to be very old not to be married. She carried the gametes to the stage of zygote and transferred it to Hrani, who would carry it to term. A few weeks after the birth of Elev their city was attacked by the Borg. Tharia and her partners decided the only way to fight back was to leave Andor and engage the fight. Her partners Thelos and Thavas continue to serve with the Defense Force, but Tharia decided to enlist with Starfleet.
Starfleet History Her first Starfleet posting was on the USS Perifine, a galaxy class vessel. At first she had serious problems with the change from being an officer on an Andorian vessel, to a security crewman on a Starfleet Vessel. She had been raised as a fighter, everything what she did, everything she thought was to survive. To fight. And bring honor to her family. But even though she made the choice to step to Starfleet consciously, she was seriously regretting it at the beginning. Until the vessel came in some bad weather and she could contribute to the vessels safety and felt useful again.

Over the years she grew through the ranks, becoming a trainer to the newer crewman. Something she really liked, because it gave her the option to pass on her years of experience. After the decommissioning of the Perefine she was transferred to the Zephyr and worked in an unofficial capacity as the Master-at- Arms’s assistant. To assist in the training and guidance of the crewman. Making sure that the enlisted are well trained and know how to respond in the case of emergency.

After two years, when she thought she was experience enough to hold the position, she applied to become the Master-at-Arms. The reason she choose the Galileo was because she sees it as a challenge to work as a security crewman on a science vessel.
Service Record Service Record:
Andorian Imperial Guard: 2368-2380
- Imperial Training: 2368-2373
- Imperial Guardsman: 2373-2375
- Warship Galeev: 2375-2380
Tactical Officer

Starfleet: 2381-Now
- USS Perefine: 2381-2385
Security crewman
- USS Zephyr: 2385-2391
Security crewman

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