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Cadet Sophomore Grade Alenis Taban

Name Alenis Taban

Position Operations Officer

Rank Cadet Sophomore Grade

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran/Cardassian Hybrid
Age 20
Date of Birth 07/07/2370 (Stardate: 47515.6)
Place of Birth Tozhat Province, Bajor

Starfleet ID

Serial Number SB-117-312
Security Clearance Level 3
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Deck 6 - Operations Office
Quarters 04-2522 JO
Roommate Nesh Saalm

Physical Appearance

Height 6’ 6”
Weight 275lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Deep Navy
Physical Description An imposing figure of great height and a stocky-build. Taban appears wholly Cardassian at first glance, much to his chagrin. Only upon closer inspection does one notice that his neck, forehead, and temple ridges are far less pronounced than those of full-blood Cardassians, and that he has the unmistakable nose-ridges of a Bajoran.

His complexion is a much lighter grey tone, even along his ridges, than most Cardassians, and the edges of his ridges even show a hint of a pink complexion about them. When off-duty his dual-heritage is more apparent as he wears his Bajoran earring, almost as a signpost to his Bajoran heritage.
Body Art None.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Cardassian Guard (Identity Unknown)
Mother Alenis Jaxa
Brother(s) None (known).
Sister(s) None (known).
Other Family None surviving (known).

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alenis is an even more complex individual than his mixed DNA might imply. Outwardly, his personality appears somewhat reserved and introverted - especially when he is in unfamiliar situations. He knows his appearance marks him out, even in a crowd, and thus he will tend to hide in plain sight when in social situations. He does not, however, exactly seek them out, preferring to spend time away from prying eyes, either alone or with one of his, relatively few, friends.

Beneath his bulky exterior lurks a highly analytical, technical, and inquisitive mind, which rarely, if ever, gives up. He prefers to work alone, or in a small team, and enjoys nothing more than taking on a problem or conundrum head-on, mano a mano.

Also beneath, however, lies a contradiction between a down-trodden realist, who has struggled through a tough childhood and expects the worst from people, who struggles to form lasting friendships and trust with strangers, and who goes through his life believing that the next great let-down or disappointment is just around the corner, and an irrepressible idealist with the naivety of a child, who grew up too fast, who wants to see the best in people, and who feels that life's promise of kindness is over the next horizon.
Strengths Taban's greatest strengths lie in his analytical mind and its problem-solving skills. He is good at meeting deadlines and keeping things organised from a professional perspective. He is in his element when working to make repairs to some component or other.
Weaknesses His relatively taciturn nature can mean he struggles to assert himself, and will thus often keep to the sidelines in discussions as a result. He has a deep-seated sense of justice and what is right, however, and when he feels passionately enough in a cause's righteousness his pursuit of that can be entirely overblown - especially to those used to the quiet gentle giant which he normally is.

To say he was socially inept would be harsh, but he certainly doesn't tend to flourish in those situations, especially in unfamiliar company. Being so taciturn, people often ask about his heritage as an 'icebreaker'. This, unfortunately, has the effect of making Alenis withdraw even more into his shell and only worsen the situation.

While he has a love for all things technical, it's more practical than theoretical and as a result his scientific credentials are only barely enough for Operations - and certainly appear entirely lacking in terms of the study of the universe. He also retains a great unease with combat in an offensive context, although trains hard, and is extremely proficient, in defensive-combat.
Ambitions It has been suggested that somewhere in the darker recesses of Taban's pagh lurks a deep-seated insecurity about his dual-heritage and a resentment of it, or both parts of it. In his darker moments one could almost see an intense desire to punish the Cardassian people. Such urges, if present, are, however, buried so deep that Alenis himself is probably not aware of them.

As dark as his past makes his outlook sometimes, it is also the source of his great desire, and the reason for his joining Starfleet: he wants to help people. He's not an especially ambitious person, having an incredibly deep-seated inferiority complex. However, he certainly wants to reach a level in Starfleet where he can make a difference in humanitarian, peacekeeping, diplomatic, and defence situations. If you were ever to suggest to him that he should aim to become a Captain though, his eyes would immediately turn to the floor, accompanied by a blush and an uneasy shuffle.
Hobbies & Interests Taban has an almost zealous spirituality, even for a Bajoran, and prays at least three times per day. His beliefs are not entirely orthodox, however, and he rejects much of the Bajoran religious apparatus. He does, however, feel a deep connection with the Prophets.

Just like in his work he enjoys nothing more than a good puzzle or game of wit. Chess, kal-toh, and similar brain-training exercises are a source of great satisfaction for him. He enjoys detective stories, especially in holonovel form, and will regularly try to accrue as many holodeck hours as possible to play through as many chapters in one go as he can.

He has a deep-seated interest in Bajoran history, and especially in the Occupation, as well as an amateur interest, certainly greatly sparked by courses at the Academy, in anthropology and law. His great fascination, however, rests in all things technical and technological, and his quarters are a sea of models and tinkerings.

To keep in-shape he enjoys the relative solitude or privacy of combat-training programmes like Velocity or martial arts programmes. He tends, however, to avoid competitive sport as much as possible.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Bajoran, Federation Standard, Some others to a broken conversational standard

Personal History The life of Alenis Taban began in an act of extreme violence, under the, to him, alien sky of Cardassia IV. His mother, Jaxa, had been taken there in the latter half of 2369, a few months after the end of the Occupation, to an, unofficial and illegal (according to Cardassian authorities, publicly anyway), detention camp following her arrest and torture for activities with the Kohn-Ma terrorist group. Barely able to stand, after 6 days' torture by the Obsidian Order, the young woman was thrown into a cave with only a thread-bare thin blanket to cover her in the cold night. Her recollections of the night were minimal, at best, but, as if proof were needed of the sordid crime of a faceless, worthless, and merciless Cardassian guard, five months later proof, in the form of Taban, was born, in the relative safety of the Ilvian Medical Complex on Bajor.

Following the events of Li Nalas' rescue, the Cardassian government immediately wished to rid itself of all the Bajorans it was still illegally detaining, and so rushed the remaining detainees on Cardassia IV back to Bajor. Among them was the emaciated, dehydrated, and desperate Alenis Jaxa, the rags hanging off her body so loosely as to conceal her four-month pregnant figure - else Taban's life could have taken a very different path, if the Cardassians had known of his pre-natal existence then. Upon her return to Bajor she was immediately rushed to the hospital, where she stayed for the better part of six months, receiving care to help her recover from her ordeal.

For Jaxa, however, the torture, the starvation, the work, and dreadful treatment, and even the rape were not the real ordeal. She knew what Cardassians were capable of, none of those things were to be expected. That was why she hated them from the pit of her stomach. That was why the nineteen year-old had committed herself to their destruction. That was why she was Kohn-Ma: a xenophobic terrorist, committed to the slaughter of Cardassians and all those who would stand in the way of Bajor.

For such a young woman the real ordeal was, after an intense and long-lasting labour, to look down into the face of her first-born child and see the dark eyes and repulsive ridges of a Cardassian.

It was an ordeal she would never truly recover from.

And thus, by his very birth, Taban had become an object of his mother's revulsion. She loved him as a mother, no doubt, but at the same time hating every breath he took.

To say it was a happy infant-hood for Taban and his mother would certainly, then, be a gross misrepresentation. As a young single-mother to a child who drew outright hostility from many around them, Jaxa struggled to feed, clothe, and shelter her baby, let alone herself. After a year on the streets of the impoverished state she was taken in by a kindly Vedek, Latha Mabrin, who arranged for their care. With some solitude and privacy from prying eyes, Jaxa's connection to her son began to finally flourish as he finally became accepted, at least in part, in her heart. In 18 months at the Calash monastery the toddler, Taban, began to grow into an infant and began learning about the Prophets from the monks.

More violence would shatter the oasis the mother and son had found, and rekindle a fire long dormant in Jaxa, when Latha Mabrin was assassinated in the monastery as part of a plot for revenge by a Cardassian. With their main sponsor killed by a Cardassian, of whom everyone at the monastery was inevitably reminded whenever they saw the smiling face of the innocent infant as he playfully ran through the corridors and played with the guard-tokkas and domesticated hara cats in the gardens. Even the irrepressible joy of a three-year old couldn’t mask the sudden dark cloud which appeared whenever he was around. As if the suddenly unwelcome feeling wasn’t enough, Jaxa, who had allowed the Vedek to help her cool her rage and focus on love of her child, was deeply hurt by his death. Less than a fortnight after Mabrin’s death, Jaxa and Taban left the monastery to return to the city. One of Taban’s only memories from that period of his life is of being carried out of the monastery’s gate by his mother.

Life in the city was hardly easier than before, and after only a few months of barely surviving, Alenis, by chance, met one of her former Kohn-Ma comrades, Li Meryn. He, though of meagre means to feed his own family himself, took mother and child in to protect them from the worsening autumnal and increasingly wintery weather. Having someone else with rage like hers only spurred Jaxa on and, late in the year, when she heard the Chamber of Ministers would be considering a non-aggression treaty with the Dominion, which included the Cardassians, she encouraged Li to join her in acting. Attempting to reach the Chamber with a crude explosive device was never an especially good plan. The device exploded prematurely as she and Li were stopped by a Militia patrol more than a mile from the Chamber.

With the child’s mother and her own husband dead, the last thing Li’s wife needed was another mouth to feed and so she took the four-year old to the Tozhat Resettlement Centre, where he arrived on his fourth birthday. This was to be his home, on and off, for the next 11 years of his life.

He remembers little of his first few years there, but the care he received was certainly better than he would have received on the street. The education, however, was dire. Twice a week a doddery old Vedek, who could hardly remember the day of the week, would come to ‘teach’ the children. By the age of seven Taban couldn’t read or write, and spoke so infrequently one might have thought him a mute. As one of the youngest children there, and a relatively late arrival, he really struggled to fit in. The nearest Cardassian child in age to him was five years older, and most of the Bajoran children who were of a similar age were adopted during his first few years there. Arriving having never had many other children to play with he had struggled to fit in from day one and, especially given his mixed heritage, was something of an outsider. He would get beaten up by the older Bajoran children, and have his food stolen by the Cardassians while the volunteers weren’t looking. He still didn’t fully understand why he was different. He just knew that he was.

His abiding memory of those years was Hara. Hara was a small stuffed animal - a hara cat to be exact - which had been the favourite toy of Malia, he Bajoran girl in the bed next to his. When she was adopted, though, she forgot him. The young Taban had always admired the toy, and had played with it with Malia, his only real friend in the orphanage, many times. So when Hara was left behind, Taban took it as his own - subconsciously aware of the similarities he and Hara shared. He would never play with Hara when the other children were around, though, because he knew one of the older ones would beat him up for it. Hara remained his, hidden behind a broken wall panel behind his bed.

By the time he turned seven, there were only seven children left in the orphanage as many Bajorans who had returned home after serving with Starfleet in the Dominion War had chosen to adopt for themselves. Also a factor was that many of the children had grown up and, at 15, left the orphanage entirely. Thus the orphanage suddenly became a very empty place. Of the seven: four were Cardassian, two Bajoran, and the last was Taban, the youngest by four years.

The only positive of this was that, as amenities improved on Bajor, becoming as it was a great commercial centre in the aftermath of the Dominion War, resources were found to improve the facilities: including computers for teaching. This suddenly allowed the volunteers themselves to take a much more involved role in teaching the children. This allowed Taban to actually learn things.

Despite his slow start, by the time Taban reached the age of 11 he was a regular bookworm. As the number of children in the orphanage diminished further he found few other ways of entertaining himself than reading extensively. He also, much to the annoyance of the staff, developed a fascination with technology: taking apart anything which was left around. No matter how complicated it was, though, he always managed to put them back together when asked to.

As he moved into his teenage years he had pretty much exhausted the supply of information available to him from the computers, and began to become bored very easily. His final 20 months at the orphanage he probably spent at most half the time there, the rest of the time sneaking out. The teenager in him wanted to search out others of his age, but he immediately found meeting people difficult, because of his appearance. When confronted with such social obstacles, then, he found a way to entertain himself: poking around junk-yards finding broken technology and fixing it. Some owners chased him away out of hatred or simply thinking him a thief, while others let him take the scraps taking pity or seeing no harm in it. Of the latter group, one in particular, by the name of Ro Droan took an interest in the youngster’s work.

When he turned 15, Alenis knew exactly what that meant: he had to leave the orphanage. It was strange to suddenly, after 11 years - to the day - have nowhere to go and nothing to do. Using the small funds they gave him he survived for a week, looking for work, before being left with absolutely nothing. Just like his mother years before, he took to the streets. As a fully-grown and large Cardassian hybrid, he found that life nigh unbearable. After only a couple of months he was on the verge of ending it all, when, by chance, he found, in Droan’s yard, a set of Xepolite optronic relays, heavily damaged. Taking them back to Droan’s office to work on them in the warm, he found Droan there with two other men: a huge dark-skinned human, and an older-looking Trill.

The human took one look at the modules Taban was carrying and immediately dismissed them as unrepairable and useless to their ship, the Xepolite freighter Jian’Karra. Droan made the pair a wager that, if Taban could fix the relays, they would buy them - and pay double: with the extra going to the ragged and dejected looking youth. The Trill, whose name was Berant Amblitsio, accepted, insisting that if the teen failed Droan had to give him four replacement warp-coils for free.

After three days working in a tiny cupboard in the back of Droan’s office, where he could also sleep to keep himself out of the cold, Alenis proudly presented the relays to Droan and the human, whose name was Solomon. Before he knew what was happening, the young hybrid suddenly found himself transported from the surface of Bajor to a strange place with metallic corridors. The walls were lined with consoles and there was technology everywhere. Staggering off the slightly raised platform onto which the four had appeared, he couldn’t help but be amazed at what he saw. It almost felt like he was in a dream.

The rest of that day passed like a whirlwind… he felt in a daze throughout it. As it turned out: the relays had worked perfectly. Not only did he suddenly have enough money to feed, clothe, house, and support himself comfortably (for the first time in his life) for at least 6 months, but he had experienced pride in an accomplishment for the first time, and had seen the inside of a spaceship, left Bajor, and met two new species for the first time… he felt like his eyes had been opened to the universe and he was hungry for more.

After what felt like an eternity aboard, Taban and Droan were returned to the surface, but not before Taban, while ostensibly going to answer nature’s call, had managed to spend five minutes alone with the console controlling the machine which had brought them there, as well as a few minutes looking at the security systems.

Upon his return to the surface, using the transporter device, despite using his money to get a room for the night with a truly soft bed - the first time in his life he had ever encountered one, Alenis could not sleep. He could not get the wonderment of that place out of his head. In the middle of the night, with all his worldly possessions: the clothes on his back, a few pieces of technology he found especially interesting, Hara, a canteen of water, and a loaf of bread, he headed for Droan’s junkyard. Disabling the security system, he searched the entire yard for parts and set to work. As rosy-fingered dawn appeared on the horizon, his work was complete, and Alenis Taban left Bajor.

It was four days later that he woke up, or rather, was woken up in a roastingly hot crawlspace underneath the warp-core of the Jian’Karra by a very angry-looking Solomon.

Once he’d been cleaned up, treated for transporter shock and dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, he posed Berant Amblitsio and his crew a strange dilemma: what to do with the stowaway, especially one who in the space of a night had made a crude transporter out of what basically amounted to junk and disabled two different security systems.

When asked what it was he wanted, Alenis could only reply “To explore… I want to see the universe.” An agreement was reached: Taban would join the crew of the Jian’Karra as an apprentice to Solomon, and would live in the aft escape pod.

He spent 18 very happy months aboard the freighter. Every day he was learning an incredible amount about the ship, cultures, trade, and even about people. Spending most of the day with Solomon, a relatively taciturn individual with a very dry sense of humour, he definitely began to mimic him in many respects. The crew themselves, although a very sociable lot, found the hybrid strange. At times he seemed like a child, looking at the universe with new eyes continually, but at other times they picked up a much darker side to the psyche, one which Taban had obviously just learned to live with and repress. As a result: when he retired to his escape pod, to endlessly read it seemed, they tended not to bother him. In 18 months he hardly left the ship, except when dragged by Solomon to look at spare parts with him. It almost seemed like he was agoraphobic.

The arrival of Berant’s daughter, Talara, onto the ship - on leave from Starfleet, in which she served aboard the USS Trafalgar - had a huge impact on Alenis. The woman was quiet and relatively unassuming, but seemed entirely comfortable barking orders at the freighter’s burly and often rowdy crew - all of whom were male and, except Taban, were older than her. She was accomplished as a pilot, even to Alenis’ untrained eye, and she seemed to have the same fascination with the universe that he did. One may well have called it Taban’s first crush.

She recognised too, in him, a latent ability and interest, which could make Starfleet a very good fit for him, and vice-versa. Thus she took it upon herself, during her month aboard, to work with the 17 year old with his studies, to take him under her wing, and to show him what he could accomplish - and what more there was for him to see in the universe. Of special focus, for her, was Starfleet: explaining to the young man what it could offer, and what he could offer it.

Alenis was so intrigued by their conversations that shortly after her departure from the Jian’Karra he investigated the possibilities of applying to the Academy, and discovered that the deadline for applications for that year closed in three weeks’ time. Rushing through the application, with Talara’s extensive help via subspace especially with some of the more advanced writing sections, Taban realised just how little he knew. Spurred on by Talara, though, he saw the exercise as a learning curve and, as Talara asserted, practice and preparation for the following year.

As expected, the application was eventually rejected. What surprised everyone - Taban and Talara especially - was that he was asked to attend the Relva VII base for written exams and aptitude tests. Fortunately, the base wasn’t far out of the Jian’Karra’s scheduled course, but, from the moment he arrived there, Taban felt entirely overawed by the whole process. Surprisingly, however, that somehow transferred itself to an extremely positive performance. Where academic minds would try to outthink a problem, Taban grappled with it directly. Where the ‘students’ might dither and delay, the hybrid would attack it head-on. What he lacked in theory, knowledge, and panache, he made up for in practice, experience, innovation, and determination. Amazingly, he passed that stage and was invited to interview a couple of months later.

At the interview, though, Taban’s rather unique situation and upbringing caught up with him. He’d never experienced a situation like it before. He’d always made his way by showing and demonstrating his skills by doing things. Suddenly: he had to talk the game. He entirely withdrew into himself, hardly even able to answer the most basic of questions. When he got back to the Jian’Karra he spent the next week cooped up in his escape pod, refusing to talk to anyone - the only thing which brought him out was Solomon bringing a plate of one of his curries and leaving it outside the hatch - wedging it open so Taban couldn’t escape the smell.

When Berant finally got him to talk about how it had gone, Alenis produced a letter from the head of the interview panel - Captain Maraf - which stated in flowing terms that he expected “Mr Alenis to reapply for the next year’s entry as, in the panel’s opinion, behind the nerves, which were understandable, given his background and the circumstances, there lurked an excellent and deserving candidate for admission to the Academy.” Amblitsio, although still disappointed that he may lose the young man’s talents - joking that his parenting style was obviously entirely broken as he’d raised Talara to be a fleetie: and now Alenis too seemed set on it.

Over the course of the next year, Alenis’ study was much more focussed: attempting to shore up his knowledge so he could take the other candidates on at their own game as well as making the most of his more unique qualities. At every Starfleet base the ship called at Berant asked officers for tips and practice for interviews for his shy young crewman - the precocious, irreverent, and amiable Trill winning many friends and sympathisers for Taban’s situation as he did so. Most prominent were those from Captain Tasha Tahir of Deep Space Five, and (then-)Commander Patrick William O’Dwyer from Langley Station.
Starfleet History When the time finally came for his application for admission he sailed through the initial tests, passed the interview (though still not quite as comfortably as he might have done, but at least managed to overcome his nerves to give acceptable answers), he coped impressively with the more advanced tests - including an almost unflinching reaction to the stress test, before finally reaching the Preparatory Programme. Over the six weeks of the course he hardly said a word to anyone else, but many concerns were raised about his suitability to the classroom environment and his ability to work in a team. Based on the recommendations of Captain Tahir, Commander O’Dwyer, and Captain Maraf’s evaluation, though, he made it through and joined the Academy.

Leaving the Jian’Karra was a big rip for Alenis. It had become his home: a beacon of stability in his life. He had become like a son to Berant, Rep, and Solomon, and Talara had become like a big sister to him. Taban had worried that in leaving he may never see them again: but the crew had other ideas and promised to come and visit him at least once every term.

His first year at the Academy was entirely overwhelming for the young man. The strict regimen, punishing timetable, and intensive studying were all, along with the immense comfort of the Beta Ursae Minor II annexe, incredibly alien to Taban. He took a long time to settle into the academic rigours, and even then only managed it with intensive help from the instructors. Socially, however, he had hardly managed any strides at all during his first year, partly because of his academic struggles, but also because of his taciturn nature, unfamiliarity with such large social scenarios, and shyness and anxiety about acceptance. Instead, preferring to remain in his room, or the library, he worked as hard as he could to catch up to where the other cadets were - often to make the bare minimum passes.

As the summer break approached, and all his classmates spoke excitedly of holiday plans and seeing family, Taban felt even more isolated and somewhat without purpose. This was picked up on by his instructors, who, realising the negative impact it could have on his examinations, arranged a meeting with him to discuss options. As a first-year cadet with far less than exemplary marks it was extremely difficult to find a training posting for him near enough to the Academy annexe to make it worthwhile. There was a consensus between the instructors that the absolute worst thing, though, would be to allow him to wallow, basically entirely, alone on the campus. His roommate and a couple of his closest acquaintances (to call them friends would be something of an overstatement) made offers to let him spend the summer with their families, but Alenis turned those down out of shyness and unfamiliarity with a ‘family-unit’. Just when his stay on-campus seemed unavoidable, as the last students made their way off-campus, a Trill Lieutenant by the name of Heral arrived and announced she was there for Taban, who had never heard the name of his would-be saviour.

He did know her, however, by her pre-joined name Talara Amblitsio - the daughter of Berant, the freighter captain who had ‘employed’ Alenis prior to his arrival at the Academy. Once he realised that the Jian’Karra was nearby, Alenis immediately leapt at the opportunity to rejoin her, even if just for the summer, as her crew was the closest thing he’d known to a family in a very long time, possibly even ever.

He spent the summer back aboard the Jian’Karra, putting his newly learned skills to practical use alongside Solomon in the engine room or with Rep and Berant on the bridge, but also - to the great mirth of the Jian’Karra crew - spending every moment he could spare trying to study. Talara would often spend a couple of hours in the evenings acting as a tutor to Taban, drawing on the experience of the Heral symbiont’s first host, Neema, who had been a Starfleet Captain for over 40 years, ending her career as an Academy instructor. The simplicity, laid-back atmosphere, and close-knit feel to the freighter was certainly a welcome relief to the youngster and he found, for the first time in his life a father-figure in Berant, an elder-sister/aunt-figure from Talara, and uncle-figures in Rep and Solomon.

During the various stops they made, all the crew did their part to try and help the hybrid come out of his shell a little: literally, in some cases, dragging or carrying him to the local bars. They even managed to meet with some success - even getting him to talk to a girl of his own age in a group to the point where Talara felt she had to give him some advice about girls, which was definitely not something he’d ever seemed to need previously.

As the summer drew to a close, though, Talara departed the ship to take up her next assignment, and Berant set a course to return Taban to the Academy annexe on Beta Ursae Minoris II. Alenis toyed with the idea of not returning - even telling the kindly old Trill so. Berant, however, with a noted-disdain for Starfleet himself, talked him around.

The difference which the summer had made to the young Taban was marked when term restarted. Where before the summer he had been parsecs behind many of the other cadets, he had now almost entirely caught up, and in many of the technical areas, because of his practical experience, he was leagues ahead. Although with the exception of some outliers, such as an Academy-record mark in Survival Strategies, his performance was distinctly average, but he was able to maintain that level of work relatively consistently - and without working himself into the ground to do so. All of which was a great improvement on his first year.

Feeling more confident and comfortable in his studies, and armed with the advice, support, and encouragement - and indeed exposure - from the Jian’Karra crew, Taban also began trying to be a little more sociable. Some initial setbacks, one of which saw him breaking another Cadet’s nose for calling him a ‘murdering spoonhead torturer’, knocked his confidence at first, but he started meeting people more frequently through his roommate. Awkward silences still prevailed in the conversation, but he was making progress.

As the summer approached, Taban’s mind began to turn towards what he might do for the vacation period. Thanks to his improved marks he was probably eligible for field study, but part of him felt like he wanted to go ‘home’ to see his ‘family’ on the Jian’Karra. As he puzzled over the conundrum, a decision was made for him: Berant revealed that the Jian’Karra would be departing for the far side of the Federation very early in the summer - significantly reducing the amount of time he could have spent there. With almost no chance for a ‘holiday’ he was spurred to apply for field study on the USS Galileo. He would get the chance to see his ‘family’, though, as before their departure, Starfleet had chartered them to transport supplies to the same sector as the Galileo was on assignment.
Medical History No medical history available prior to 2387.

2387: Passes Starfleet Academy Application Physical.

2388: Passes Starfleet Academy Application Physical.

2388: Passes Starfleet Academy Entry Physical. Full battery of standard Federation inoculations administered.

2389: Passes Starfleet Academy Continuing Cadet Physical.

2390: Passes Starfleet Academy Field Study Application Physical.
Service Record {Non-Starfleet: 2385 - 2388: Apprentice/Assistant Mechanic, Xepolite Freighter Jian’Karra, Amblitsio Freight Corporation. Also serves there during summer months between freshman and sophomore year at the Academy in 2389.}

2387: Applies, but is rejected at interview stage, for entry into Starfleet Academy.
2388: Again applies for entry, and is accepted into Starfleet Academy.
2388-2389: Successfully completes freshman year of Academy, passing all modules, but in most cases barely. Highlights include Astrotheory 101, Basic Warp Design, and Interspecies Ethics, none of which, however, scored over 65%.
2389-2390: Successfully completes academic portion of sophomore year. Highlights include: record-breaking marks in Survival Strategies, high marks in Anthropology, and Transporter Theory.
2390-Present: Field study on USS Galileo, Operations Department.

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