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Lieutenant JG Wakeham Paul Alasia

Name Wakeham Paul Alasia Ph.D.

Position Diplomat

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32
Date of Birth January 26th 2359
Place of Birth Bangor, Maine, Earth

Character Type

Starfleet ID

Serial Number QN-728-5268
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Watch Alpha

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 241
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Paul is tall with a thick build; he generally keeps his brown hair short and a cropped beard with scattered gray patches. His gait and posture belie his size causing him to sometimes appear smaller than he is. Paul has soft, angled eyes and wide smile. He has neither the crisp uniform nor the brash body language of a typical Starfleet officer.
Body Art N/A


Spouse Mary Elizabeth Alasia (26)
Father Trevor Alasia (59)
Mother Ann Noleen Wakeham-Alasia (54)
Brother(s) Benjamin Alasia (35)
Sister(s) Jessica Ann Caulton (26)
Noleen Alasia (25)
Other Family Sarah Turin (Aunt, 55)
Horace Alasia (Uncle, 62)
Jeremy Alasia (Uncle, 64)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Paul is a gregarious soul, quick to laugh, self-effacing with a somewhat blue sense of humor. He has no particular military or combat training and has never attended Starfleet Academy. Paul was invited to join Officer Candidacy School by Commodore Sandy Highland of Starfleet Intelligence after his time serving for the Federation Inspector General. He does, however, have a reasonably extensive engineering background from his undergraduate studies.

Paul is an academic by training but prides himself on his practical outlook. He has no interest in talking around or over those with less schooling. One of his primary philosophies is the genuine belief in the democratic notion that all people have the wherewithal and intelligence to contribute to any conversation. He believes this to be particularly true of Starfleet officers. Paul is proud of and confident in his training but he does not think of himself as exceptionally or unusually intelligent.

Paul is superb at reading both his circumstances and other people but possesses the humility to know when there is not enough information to make a positive determination one way or the other. He is very impatient with those who would turn diplomatic negotiations, scholarly study, intelligence matters or even day-to-day conversation into an intellectual game of one-upsmanship. It is his belief that wisdom is demonstrated when one has the courage to take action knowing he may be wrong and he has no patience for those (even for military leadership reasons) who act overly arrogant or cocksure. He is quick to point out, for example, that even a Betazoid communicating via telepathy with another Betazoid will sometimes misinterpret intention. He staunchly believes no tell is accurate all the time and no thought is ever perfectly articulated.

Paul is loud and demonstrative though this is often for comic effect. He is especially effusive during games and other social situations. He can be impolitic and needlessly harsh with his phrasing, especially about himself.

Paul is not a strict pacifist but he believes many aggressive actions undertaken by the Federation in recent years were avoidable. He secretly questions the logic of having Starship Captains and Admirals conduct first contact and ongoing diplomatic missions (occasional success notwithstanding).

Paul has been married for two years but has yet to actually live with his wife for more than a few weeks at a time. He is hoping that the Captain (and his wife, for that matter) will eventually acquiesce to her living aboard the Galileo. He is sometimes prone to homesickness which may be perceived by other Starfleet officers as a lack of commitment. Unlike many other officers, Starfleet is not Paul's whole life nor does it represent a central facet of his identity. As such, moving up the ranks in Starfleet is not a particular priority for Paul.
Strengths Paul is a pragmatist with an abiding respect for how culture shapes the different creatures view the universe. Despite his academic background he does not carry himself like a typical ivory tower professor, nor does he suffer well the pretensions and smug superiority of other scholars.

While there are many who are more intelligent or mathematically savant-like, there are few people in Starfleet or elsewhere that can convey complex ideas more clearly than Paul. He is a natural teacher.

Paul has a deep affinity for strategy games and puzzles which, combined with his training can often give him a unique perspective with regard to a given circumstance. Paul lacks formal military training, which can be - and often is - perceived as a weakness by Starfleet personnel. However, that lack of military experience allows Paul to formulate and understand macro-level strategy in a way he might not were he fully indoctrinated into the Starfleet orthodoxy.
Weaknesses Paul has no personal or family connection to the military and can have a difficult time connecting with staunch or over-zealous soldiers. Paul's university mentor once commented to him: "Make sure you stick with the Vorta, I'm pretty sure the Jem'Hadar would kick your ass." He laments what he perceives to be the unchecked "militarization" of Starfleet in the wake of the the Borg attacks of the 2360s/70s and the Dominion War. He looks forward to Starfleet returning to its primary mission of peaceful exploration.

Paul is sometimes foolishly loyal and often overly sensitive. Paul is, however, aware of his thin skin and he has been - especially since beginning his service in Starfleet - keen to keep his feelings to himself.

Given Paul's reasonably short Starfleet tenure and having diplomatic responsibilities somewhat incommensurate with his rank as a junior officer, Paul is hoping to forge good working relationships and even friendships with the Galileo crew, rather than accepting the grudging tolerance he secretly fears.

Guile remains one of Paul's most sorely lacking qualities. Rather than patiently discussing a matter with someone else until they come around to his point of view (a power of persuasion that Paul does possess and could employ), he is too often hectoring, meeting contrary opinions head-on until the other side acquiesces or they reach a mutually stubborn impasse. During a heated argument, Paul rarely concedes any point at all but in a later moment of clarity he will feel contrite and ashamed for his behavior. Paul's passion at various times has served him well in diplomatic circumstances helping to reach agreements and build understanding that may not have been possible with a cooler demeanor. On the other hand, however, Paul can alienate people quickly, often making a bad first impression if he isn't specifically focused on his bearing. For this reason, Paul recognizes ongoing diplomatic negotiations as a particular strong suit but he is secretly apprehensive about any first contact opportunities that may arise.

Paul has no specific training in hand-to-hand combat. Thanks mostly to better than average eyesight, Paul is a reasonably competent natural marksman but disrupters, phasers and the like hold no interest for him. He, thus, has no particular desire to improve this skill.

Paul is well coordinated but is rather out of shape. He enjoys games like basketball, springball and racquetball but he doesn't often work out for it's own sake.

Paul zealously guards his free time. Depending on their perspective, Starfleet personnel may perceive Paul to have a healthy work/life balance (at best) or perceive him to be unambitious and perhaps even lazy (at worst). Like all officers, Paul is willing to do whatever is needed under extraordinary circumstances but "going above and beyond" is not Paul's default status.
Ambitions To serve as a high ranking member of the Federation Diplomatic Corps; to perhaps serve on the Federation Council.
Hobbies & Interests Basketball, Strategy Games, Racquetball, Poker, Cello and Percussion.

Paul's interests include Dominion and Ferengi political history, inter-stellar relations, game theory, and constitutional law among other topics. Paul may very well be the foremost Federation authority on Dominion, as well as Ferengi, economic theory and history.
Vernacular Federation Standard
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Bajoran, Dominionese, Ferengi, Vulcan, Vulcan Cuneiform, Romulan, Chula-Romulan

Personal History Paul was born in Bangor, Maine to a math teacher mother and father who worked primarily as a clammer/lobersterman in nearby Portland. Paul grew up without many of the contemporary accouterments of Federation life. Neither his family nor anyone in his community had a replicator, access to a shuttlecraft or any other long-range transportation. Paul was 12 before he ever set foot in a shuttlepod and 16 the first time he used a transporter.

However, Paul's civic-minded father steeped Paul and his siblings in the world of local politics from a young age. Of them, only Paul really took to it and even then only in spite of that fact that he rarely agreed with his father's individualist, anti-Federation and largely anti-technological views.

Paul was a generally solid student throughout his primary school studies but he was far more interested in playing basketeball. He started Power Forward for his high school varsity team - a team that went 15-1 his junior year and made the Maine state finals. Upon invitation to a summer league in Chicago on Earth, Paul quickly and harshly learned that a slow-footed, 6'2" forward would not be able to pursue basketball much beyond high school and he subsequently scrambled to forge a new path.

Paul rarely lacked for ambition, especially as it pertained to the prestige of his education. Having abandoned hopes for a basketball scholarship Paul began to dream of attending the Daystrom Institute, though his generally solid but unspectacular performance in school to that point meant he would have to find a back door. Despite his reservations - and at his mother's behest - Paul accepted the financial generosity of his grandparents and uncles who helped to send him to Daystrom the summer after his senior year of high school as a non-matriculated visiting student. Paul's performance (and strategically selected classes) helped him to gain official admittance and a research assistanceship in his second year.

Paul attained a Bachelor of Arts in Alien-Institutional Administration with a Minor in Electrical Engineering from the Daystrom Institute in 2381. He subsequently earned a PhD in Economics from the University of Wisconsin with a focus on shared Cultural-Institutional Norms in Economic Transactions. His dissertation focused on surreptitious Ferengi-Dominion economic activity in the lead up to and immediately following the Federation-Dominion War of 2373-2375.

Since receiving his PhD, Paul has had a number of research and strategic planning positions. Most notably, he served as a diplomatic liaison and researcher for Federation Office of the Inspector General. Indeed, that position indirectly led to Paul's commission in Starfleet.

Paul and his wife Mary Elizabeth Alasia (née Holloway) were married in 2387. They have yet to live together on a long term basis.
Starfleet History At the behest of Commodore Sandy Highland of Starfleet Intelligence and Admiral Ton (ret.) of the Office of the Inspector General, Cadet Alasia was granted special dispensation to gain commission in Starfleet after an abbreviated training program at the Starfleet Auxiliary Officer Candidacy School at La'ash University on Vulcana Regar, Vulcan. Given the nature of Paul's duties, his intensive OCS training and his possession of two advanced, terminal degrees, Cadet Alasia was subsequently granted a full military commission at Lieutenant Junior Grade and is considered, for all intents and purposes, to be a graduate of Starfleet Academy.
Medical History Paul is slightly overweight and suffers from bouts of asthma which has plagued him as a child. He finds monthly shots at the doctor for such an easily manageable affliction silly and thus carries an antiquated aerosol medicine dispenser against his doctor's stringent wishes. Paul has a collapsed ear-drum in his right ear and, for the most part, cannot hear out of it. He has better than perfect vision.
Service Record 2377-2381 - Student, Daystrom Institute, Mars
2380 - Visiting Student, Dominion-Bajoran Relations Thinktank - Jalanda, Bajor
2381-2382 - Starfleet Diplomatic Corps, Dominion-Bajoran Relations Thinktank - Jalanda, Bajor
2382-2386 - PhD Candidate, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Earth
2386-2387 - Visiting Research Fellow, DaijGom Institute for Progress - DaijGom, Ferenginar
2387-2388 - Dominion Intelligence Attaché, Office of the United Federation of Planets Inspector-General - Paris, Earth
2388-2389 - Cadet Senior Grade, Starfleet Officer Candidate School - Vulcana Regar, Vulcan
2389 - Ensign, Interim Diplomatic Envoy - Starbase 47
2389 - Lieutenant Junior Grade, Diplomatic Officer - USS Galileo

Character Progression System

Primary Band Diplomacy

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Charisma
+ Relationship

+ Education

+ Empathy
Department Skills Diplomatic
+ Politics
+ Public Speaking
Department Perks Diplomatic
+ Ambassador
+ Silver Tongue

Skill Training

In Progress Charisma
+ Networking