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Petty Officer 3rd Class Vermeer Talbot

Name Vermeer 'Ver' Talbot

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Petty Officer 3rd Class

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26
Date of Birth October 4th
Place of Birth Glasgow, Scotland, Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number OL-557-3024
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Gamma
Office Deck 7 - Main Engineering
Quarters 04-0808 EN
Roommate None

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 150 lba
Hair Color Dark blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ver is a man on the shorter scale of the average human male, with blue eyes and dark blond hair that he tends to cut short. This shows off the fact his ears stick out and that his jaw has a slight tilt due to it being broken when he was a teenager. In truth, he is not conventionally handsome, but he is quick to smile and laugh which brightens his face and makes him more appealing. Due to the workout that is required to meet the Starfleet physical standards, he has a relatively toned body, although a lot of it is more agility than pure strength.
Body Art Ver has several tattoos on his body. One of them is a quote on his left shoulder, saying ‘one man’s magic is another’s engineering’, as a constant reminder to himself to explore how things work. He also has several tattoos on his back, the most remarkable the inside of a pendulum clock, with its components showing.

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Father Biological father Rembrandt Ericson
Mother Jeri Talbot (biological) and Laura Taylor-Talbot
Sister(s) Twin sister Circe Talbot

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ver is an impulsive man with a temper attached who doesn’t always end up saying the right thing or doing what he is told. He has a love for what he does and focuses a lot of himself on it, both on and off duty. He is social and warm, having no problem talking to people and often informally, something which can on occasion be difficult depending on the conversation. He is easy going with people and makes a lot of allowances for people’s personalities and the odd days they feel poorly. He does have a darker side of his personality, but when he feels like that he isolates himself until he feels better.
Strengths Ver has a natural talent within his chosen profession and has a quick mind for repairing things.
Weaknesses Ver only has basic training with weapons, as he has no interest in it. He also struggles with his temper and can make rash decisions.
Ambitions Ver is where he wants to be, which is in Starfleet as it has been his dream since he was a small child.
Hobbies & Interests Steampunk holonovels, tinkering with disassembling and reassembling clockwork, listening to music and playing the guitar.
Vernacular Ver’s accent is neutral, except for when he is rushing his words, when the Scottish accent comes through rather strongly. Or when he is drunk. Or stressed. Or excited.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Scottish (Gaelic)

Personal History Vermeer, or Ver as he prefers to be called by his friends, was born in Glasgow, Scotland, to Jeri Talbot and her wife Laura Taylor-Talbot. He was born four minutes before his twin sister Circe. He was named after the painter Johannes Vermeer, picked by his mother Laura, while his sister was named Circe, from Greek mythology, by his mother Jeri. Ver grew up in a loving and creative home, with both his mothers working within the arts. Jeri was a singer and performer, her work recreated on holodecks all across the Federation, while Laura was an artist, recreating galaxies using oil-based paints. His biological father, Rembrandt, was oddly just a history professor, but had been part of the University group that his mothers had been in when they were young. It was clear from a very early age that Ver was not going to live up to his namesake. He was far more into playing with toys than drawing and he had little interest in sitting down and doing art; something his sister loved.

Ver was sent to music lessons, the same as his sister. Again, his sister Circe excelled, while Ver was alright with a guitar, but could not pick up the other instruments presented to him. So, he stuck to guitar lessons. Once he went to school though, his talents showed themselves in a different way. He was inquisitive and eager to understand how things worked. Which meant in pre-school that he was disassembling toys and upsetting the other children. At school, it meant he spent time disassembling the PADDs. But his teachers saw he had a talent in it and encouraged him to join the after school club on basic engineering, which was more or less lesson on the history of inventions and how to take apart and put together items to make them work. Ver loved it, because it was a way for him to sit down and play with things without being told off. His parents recognised that this was his talent and nurtured it the same way that they nurtured Circe’s talents.

As he got older, Ver realised there was such a things as girls in the world. And, as a short boy who was easily labelled a bit of a weirdo due to his interests, he would eventually find himself in situations that he couldn’t talk his way out of. He was 14 when he found himself in a fight over a girl with an older boy, a fight that resulted in his jaw being broken. His parents were away, so Ver made his sister swear not to tell anyone. He stayed away from the hospitals until his mothers returned, and when they discovered what had happened they got their doctor friend to heal the break…but due to the time it had been, it didn’t heal quite straight. Oddly enough, he wore it as a badge of honour and it was the last time he was ever picked on.
Starfleet History After graduating, Ver set himself forth to join Starfleet. He took the entrance exams, but realising he did not quite score high enough to become an officer, he decided to go for the sure way and enlisted. He was sent to training, his ability with repairs showing itself quite clearly. He did have a temper by now, half caused by the insecurities around his height, the other by a sheer need not to be looked down upon. He got a bit of a reputation as a party boy, charming and warm, but also protective towards his friends. He was praised for his practicality, but the way he worked did not always suit his instructors. Meanwhile, his sister studied music, travelling on a scholarship to learn new instruments and quickly becoming a favourite within the Federation.

He graduated in the lower part of his year, simply due to a bit too much partying rather than anything else. But on the back of that, he was sent to the USS Constitution. He served there for three years before he was transferred to the USS Venture. He quickly fell in step with the crew, finding the balance between being himself and getting the work done. When the Venture was attacked, he was assimilated by the Borg, and rescued by the crew of the USS Galileo.
Medical History Broken jaw as a teenager.
Borg implants from his time as a Borg (after being taken from the Venture).
Service Record 2381-2382 Starfleet Enlisted Training
2382-2383 Starfleet Engineering Additional Training
2383-2386 USS Constitution, Crewman, Engineering
2386-2389 USS Venture, Petty Officer 3rd Class, Engineering (Maintenance)

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