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Ensign S'Ranna T'Srrr'Kharh

Name S'Ranna M'Reo T'Srrr'Kharh

Position Flight Control Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Age 26
Date of Birth February 17, 2363
Place of Birth Ransapar, K'Drrarr Province, Ferasa

Starfleet ID

Serial Number MC-575-0028
Security Clearance Level 4
Duty Shift Beta

Physical Appearance

Height 1.89 m
Weight 70 kg
Hair Color Light brown flecked with dark brown and cream
Eye Color Gold
Physical Description Tall and slight, S'Ranna does not have the powerful frame of some members of her species, but there is still a wild, untamed energy to her, obvious in the constant restlessness that flickers from her slanted liquid gold eyes and dark ear tufts, all the way to the ash brown tip of her long, snaking tail. She is from a pastoral line of Caitians: her claws and teeth are shorter and less pronounced than those with origins as hunters. Fastidious about keeping her long, fine fur clean, it ripples with the colour of every sun she's flown under, and varies in tone: cream, almost white, on her belly and paws; darker features on her face and tail. She typically wears the adapted uniform variant permitted to tailed species.
Body Art She wears numerous rings of decorative jewellery on her tail.


Father Bekarrr (agricultural administrator, Ferasa)
Mother M'Rrana (operations officer, USS Star Bright)
Brother(s) Bekarrr (26, civilian engineer); K'Rreer (21, Starfleet nurse), K'Trra (21, languages teacher)
Sister(s) M'Kair (26, Starfleet engineer); S'Rrau (21, Starfleet enlisted trainee)
Other Family The T'Srrr'Kharh clan has extensive roots in K'Drrarr, and with both her mother and father coming from families of three litters, S'Ranna has more uncles and aunts, nephews and nieces, and cousins of varying degrees, than she can count on her claws. So many of her relatives are named "Bekarrr" that she tends to call her brother "Karrro", an affectionate nickname to distinguish him from the many others with the popular named recalling her great ancestor.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Typically Caitian in many of her attributes, S'Ranna is calm and easy tempered, but also very ambitious with a clinical streak that brooks little argument. She is a bold young officer not afraid to speak her mind and can be very set in her ways: just because she enjoys learning new languages does not mean she will always ever lose her strong Caitian accent, and that applies to more than mere speech patterns.

An energetic, restless bundle of activity, she constantly exudes the air that she is about to leap out of her seat and pounce about the flight deck. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth: she loves being in the pilot's seat, and she does not loose her cool easily. But her swishing tail, wiggling ears, and darting eyes can be a little off-putting, as can the hisses that punctuate her speech.

Coming from a large, traditional Caitian clan group, she hasn't entirely left her old ways behind. She might fly the latest ships instead of tending to centuries old orchards, but she has never forgotten the lessons she learned alongside her littermates, and is fiercely proud of her ancestry.
Strengths S'Ranna is a skilled and accomplished pilot, familiar with a wide range of ship systems and trained to handle demanding situations. As a Caitian, she has two particular gifts: her acute hearing allows her to diagnose minute problems in instrumentation; and her tail allows her to retain balance when other flight controllers would be falling over an unsteady cockpit. Her technical abilities are complemented by a calm and friendly demeanour, unflappable when others would panic. Off-duty, she makes friends easily, and is genuinely interested in learning and listening.
Weaknesses S'Ranna can come across as fussy and uptight: obsessing over minor technical issues, turning her whiskers up at duties she considers mundane, and belittling older technology. She is also pushy and demanding when it comes to seeking opportunities and promotions, sometimes even backstabbing friends or violating protocol in an effort to seek the best shifts and most challenging assignments. She has little interest in science for its own sake, and her intense pragmatism can grate with those of more noble purpose. She is also an absolutely appalling singer. Pity whosever quarters is next to her when she's in the sonic shower.
Ambitions S'Ranna wants to grow in her role as a pilot: exploring new ships and technologies, learning new procedures and techniques, and flying in challenging environments that will truly test her skills. Having worked on small craft for several years now, she is looking to work as a flight controller on larger ships. However, her desire to pursue the latest challenge means she doesn't want to transition into the command route or commit to a long deep space mission. She also wants to improve her knowledge of other languages.
Hobbies & Interests Though she doesn't have a musical bone in her body, S'Ranna loves listening to music of all cultures and is proficient in numerous dance styles – adapting her tailed anatomy to some better than others. She enjoys exercising and was a noted competitive gymnast while at the Academy, although an injury put an end to that midway through her junior year. On the holodeck she frequently explores rural scenes, although she does occasionally find herself taking out her hunting instincts in less idyllic settings.
Vernacular S'Ranna's speech patterns are distinctively, almost stereotypically Caitian, and those not familiar with such can have difficulty understanding her. Tonally, her voice is lilting, while she emphasises particular sounds – especially 'r' and 's'. She is conversant in a number of languages but speaks all with the same heavy accent. She tends to hiss when agitated, and her laugh can be cackling.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Caitian (Modern Standard, Drrarr, Harrair Ceremonial), Federation Standard (heavily accented), various other languages (all heavily accented).

Personal History S'Ranna M'Reo T'Srrr'Kharh was born in a litter of three to one of the oldest clan groups on Ferasa, a lineage that stretches back to distant claims of royalty. Her upbringing was steeped in history, but very much adapting to the demands of the 24th century: where her family had once been farmers, now her father was the administrator of a complex hydroponics project, and her mother resumed her service as a Starfleet communications officer after the birth of her second litter.

An inquisitive child, S'Ranna has always wanted to fly. Her earlier efforts mostly involved jumping out of fruit trees and hoping that this time, her siblings would catch her, but soon a toy carving of a starship set grander ideas in motion. While many of her friends and family members who aimed for Starfleet service chose the traditional Caitian specialties of communications and linguistics, S'Ranna was set on navigation and flight control.

She studied hard in school and trained as a gymnast in her extra-curricular activities: while Caitians commonly possess exceptional balance thanks to their tails, S'Ranna was considered particularly adept. Had she not been set on a career as a Starfleet pilot, she might have considered a career in gymnastics. She won two silver tail rings at the 2380 Rarrkarh Festival of Acrobatics. The following year, she left Ferasa for Starfleet Academy.
Starfleet History S'Ranna was quickly into stride at the Academy, signing up for every flight course she could and proving herself in navigation classes. An ability to diagnose instrumentation errors just from listening to the hum of the machinery distinguished her. However, her very thick Caitian accent inhibited her social development at first.

Participating in the Academy gymnastics team helped alleviate such problems over time, however. She won a place on the first team in her freshman year, an unusual honour, and by her third year was one of the team's leaders. Unfortunately, her gymnastic career ended there: after winning a place on a test flight team of a new runabout, she was involved in a serious crash and injured her lower back. Advanced medicine restored her, but she lost confidence in her skills and dropped out from the team.

S'Ranna was not overall an outstanding student as her tunnel vision meant that she tended to perform at only a barely passing level in any subjects irrelevant to her piloting ambitions, but she still graduated and was recommended for a year of additional training at the Academy Flight Range with a view to qualifying as a test pilot.

Following a brief deployment as a shuttle pilot at Starbase 257, S'Ranna served as a test pilot in the Small and Medium Craft Development Group of Starfleet R&D's Advanced Technologies division, known for its high proportion of Caitian engineers. She performed well, and was twice offered Flight Control positions in the main fleet which she turned down. The third, on the USS Galileo, she then accepted, after deciding it was time to move on.
Medical History S'Ranna has been generally healthy. Her career as a test pilot has however seen numerous crashes, mostly coming away with nothing more than a few scratches. The most serious led to a lower back injury that ended her gymnastic career, while another led to a tail injury that put her out of service for over three months. She is very susceptible to inner ear infections and is fastidious about her personal hygiene.
Service Record 2385: Graduated Starfleet Academy with a major in Flight Operations and a minor in Ship's Systems Technologies. Commissioned in the Command Division with a rank of Ensign and assigned to the Academy Test Flight Range for further study.

2386: Graduated the Advanced Navigation course with Distinction. Assigned to Starbase 257 as a shuttle pilot.

2387: Reassigned to the Advanced Technologies group of Starfleet Research & Development at Starfleet Corps of Engineers Technical Operating Base Alpha Four as a test pilot.

2389: Accepted Flight Control Officer position on the USS Galileo.

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