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Ensign Marjorie Horne

Name Marjorie Horne

Position Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28
Date of Birth 06/06/2361
Place of Birth Rochester, New York

Starfleet ID

Serial Number VX-920-3361
Security Clearance Level 4
Duty Shift Beta

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 148 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Marjorie has pale skin from years of being in doors. She keeps her dark hair a little longer than she shoulders. She has blue eyes and a sweet smile if you can get her to use it. Her body is lean and lacking in muscle. At 5' 6”, there are many times Marjorie wishes she was taller.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Father aka Dr. Joseph Fallon
Mother Mother aka Dr. Stephanie Max

Personality & Traits

General Overview Marjorie grew up very sheltered, learning the proper ways to do things such as not speaking before being spoke to. Growing up she had no hobbies, no friends, and only found comfort in history lessons about places away from home. Upon entering the academy, Marjorie kept to her studies and ignored cadets who, on rare occasions, would talk to her. This was out of a defense mechanism and was something she will spend a lifetime changing.

At the academy, Marjorie developed her first hobby – people watching. She found it fascinating to see people interact. It was particularly exciting to see an argument as no one ever raised their voice in her home. At various times, Marjorie attempted to replicate what she saw, but having little understanding of the context, it often was a vain and confusing attempt.

Once she began interactions with a counselor, things she had seen began to click. She's been even known to successfully make a joke, but those occasions are extremely rare. Questions are generally answered with only a yes or no unless pressed for more information. Due to her upbringing, Marjorie is extremely literal.
Strengths Marjorie is very intelligent. She is able to learn at an accelerated rate and retain that information. Due to heightened reflexes, she is also fast. Marjorie has served in my different capacities and is able to assist other departments if needed. A little bit of OCD has allowed her to maintain order in a world of increasing chaos.
Weaknesses No friends, no family, little understanding of social aspects. She enjoys being alone because she can hide her awkwardness. A phaser is rarely in her hand as she tends to aim at the wrong things. Luckily, she is decent at hand to hand, defensive combat.
Ambitions To discover what happened to the people who raised her and what she is. Attend school full time after leaving Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests people watching
cart wheels/gymnastics
Vernacular Marjorie is straightforward in her speech. Her voice does not raise even when the confusing, angry feelings fester. She does have a aura of know-it-all about her, but that's because she does actually know a lot, but not how to educate properly.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Vulcan, French, Italian, Bolian, and Denobulan

Personal History Marjorie Horne was fourteen the first time she was allowed to step outside. It was only for a brief minute as she was rushed into an unmarked tinted hoover car on the way to the nearby hospital. Having a fever of 103.5 F, she was not able to properly enjoy it. While in the hospital, her parents did not allow the curtains to be pulled back or for her to be tagged with an tracking equipment. As the teenager slowly began to feel better, she wondered not for the first time why she always had to stay inside.

Whenever she asked her parents, the topic was quickly changed and avoided. Life inside had not been so bad. They lived on a sixteen acre estate that she could see from her third story window. The large home provided her with secret passages and other areas to explore. She was allowed to see pictures of the outside world in relation to study of history. Marjorie was provided the best tutors, the best food, and the best of everything else.

On June 3, 2376, three days before her 16th birthday, Marjorie's parents tucked her in with tears, apologized for everything, told her to be safe, and disappeared. After two days, the girl left her room looking for anyone still at the house. She still doesn't know what happened, but after they disappeared Marjorie found herself alone in the home. No one came by, no one called to the house. Marjorie stayed inside for a full year before venturing out when the door bell sounded.

One of her former tutors stood at the door. He was an older man who wrapped her in a hug of relief when he saw that she was safe and alive. Bringing her with him, he tried to explain a complicated story of how she shouldn't exist, how she was a clone, and how her 'parents' were hiding from the authorities. They were scientists that didn't want their life's work to fall into the wrong hands. They left to throw off the trail of the men coming after her.

The tutor had a crazy plan of hiding her under their nose. He told her that he knew what she was capable of, and it was a waste not to join Starfleet. Her mind and reflexes were enhanced to 50% better than a typical Human. She had grown normally over the last 17 years and her parents had been working to reduce any markers in her blood.
Starfleet History In 2378, Marjorie joined Starfleet Academy. The material came as easy as it always had when she studied at home. She passed her intro classes in half the time, however her instructors became concerned with her personal interactions. Not having any friendships growing up, Marjorie was quiet and awkward. She didn't understand why some of the students didn't come to the conclusions as quickly as she had.

In 2380, Cadet Marjorie Horne was the tactical officer for an advanced cadet training squad. She was part of a six-man team which ran missions within the sector containing the Sol System. Marjorie was removed after firing on an manned cargo ship that not part of their simulation. She was not charged after the investigation proved the cargo vessel was coming up on the sensor readings as an enemy bogey. There were no fatalities in that instance.

Marjorie graduated in 2381, a full year ahead of her initial class. She was assigned to the USS Britain as a Computer Specialist. It seemed like a good fit for a while. Computer seemed to be a language she understood. It was more straightforward than talking to humanoids. She was passed over for promotion on two separate occasions due to communication issues. Finally, the department head assigned her to see a Counselor.

Marjorie was transferred to Starbase 61 in 2384, a small research outpost near Breen space. She served as a security officer for three months before being moved to the engineering department as a damage control specialist. During this time, there were a lot of repairs due to a mole within the ranks that was later found and arrested.

In 2385, Marjorie was reassigned to the USS Marksman on operations duty. This is a very different role for her as it required more interaction with the crew. Her technical mind jumped at the organizational possibilities. Her immediate boss was impressed with her ability to manage the daily operations. He transferred her to the cargo bay for six months and then used his influence to put her in charge of the transporters.

Throughout the next year, she was given more and more responsibility until she was given a proper promotion to Assistant Chief Operations Officer. During this tour, Marjorie began dividing her time with operations and engineering to better serve the vessel. As she learned about what the different departments needed, she was able to cause things to run more smoothly. However, there was still a rift as she was making assessments based on pure and simple needs, completely unaware of the impact it was having on her next to non-existent relationships.

In 2389, she was up for a transfer.
Medical History Marjorie has had facial reconstructive surgery on three separate occasions, however she does not remember the first one. She has never broken a bone beyond this.

Marjorie has three kidneys which was a genetic mistake, however all three function properly.

Her small intestine is a foot shorter than average.

In 2374, she was admitted to a hospital for a intense fever and a rare case of Sakuro's Disease. She was treated with rest, fluids, and antibiotics.
Service Record 2378: Joined Starfleet Academy
2380: Tactical Officer for Gamma Sqaud
2381: Graduated Starfleet Academy
2381: USS Britain - Computer Specialist
2383: Denied promotion
2383: Denied promotion
2384: Starbase 61 - Security Officer
2384: Starbase 61 - Damage Control Specialist
2385: USS Marksman - Operations Officer
2386: USS Marksman - Transporter Specialist
2386: USS Marksman - Assistant Chief Operations Officer

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