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Petty Officer 1st Class Victarion Jaqen

Name Victarion Jaqen

Position Yeoman

Rank Petty Officer 1st Class

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Argelian
Age 24
Date of Birth 2365
Place of Birth Capria, Nelphia (Argelius II)

Starfleet ID

Serial Number VR-285-1272
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Deck 1 - Captain's Ready Room
Quarters 06-1009 EN
Roommate Ash Rowe

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 156 lbs
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Victarion is a man on the short side of average for a human male, naturally slender and pale from spending so much time in space. He has startling blue eyes and has a certain innocent quality in his face that can quickly become full of mischief or equally very thoughtful. His dark hair often gets wavier when he lets it grow and he frequently sports some sort of facial hair. He is partial to wearing jeans, usually with some comfortable and light shoes and whatever shirt he had handy. He does, for special occasions, love dressing up in more elegant suits.
Body Art None

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Spouse None
Children None
Father Wint Jaqen
Mother Layka Jaqen
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Mycella Jaqen

Personality & Traits

General Overview Victarion is generally a warm man, easy to smile and eager to please. He enjoys conversation and the pleasures of his people, yet shows a surprising mind for organisation despite coming from a place that can't really govern itself. He holds strong beliefs in love and kindness and justice and is, in its simplest form, a pacifist. While some members of his species do possess some psychic abilities, Victarion only has a keen sense of events, for instance a feeling when something bad is going to happen. It is however unpredictable and therefore he keeps silent about it. He is still young and getting used to being part of Starfleet and the ways of things. He can ask a lot of questions and want to understand why he is being told to do things, but he is learning how to keep from asking and just doing.
Strengths Compassion and warmth, as well as being genuinely interested in what he does are Victarion's strengths.
Weaknesses However, some will see his pacifism and inquisitiveness, as well as his occasional self-doubt as weaknesses. Like all men, there's a lot he isn't good at.
Ambitions To learn how to contribute to the Federation.
Hobbies & Interests Victarion is a keen swimmer and enjoys reading poetry and mythology. He is fascinated with languages as well. He enjoys the pleasures of life and is very affectionate towards his friends.
Vernacular Victarion speaks calmly and clearly.
Orientation Homosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Romulan (both dialects), Old Norse (from holodeck programs)

Personal History Victarion was born on what his people, the Argelians, called Nelphia, but the rest of the Federation referred to as Argelius. A planet of pacifists, Nelphia would hire in administrators to run their planet. It is one of the lesser-used planets for shoreleave, as the people of Nelphia are very pleasure-orientated. Victarion was the second child of Prefect Wint, who was elected to rule of Nelphia. Growing up, Victarion truly had access to all the pleasures his planet and culture had to offer. But it quickly changed as he showed, like his mother had, an aptitude for the psychic. It was not images and dreams, like his mother had, but more a sense of something dark when ill things were close to happening. Because he showed such talents, he was taken in by the Priestesses of the Great Awakening, who would spend years showing him how to interpid the emotions, as well as how to distract himself from them. He rarely saw his family once he had been taken in by them, except at public ceremonies.

As a member of the Federation, Nelphia did offer for their people to join Starfleet, but it was very rare anyone wanted to leave as their planet believed in love, pleasure and peace...not exploration and certainly not the potential of conflict. And as Starfleet had experiences its share of conflicts, the youths were taught not to join Starfleet. And yet Victarion had started questioning things during his studies. Why had the Great Awakening made them so helpless? Why couldn't they explore? Was peace just an illusion because it was isolation from other species? That, and seeing the few Starfleet officers that came on shoreleave to take advantage of the pleasure of the men and woman and free love of the planet made him curious.

So, when he was old enough to leave his home and his family, Victarion went on the first shuttle to the nearest Starfleet ship. And from there to Earth.
Starfleet History Victarion enlisted in Starfleet and spent a year doing an administrative and generic course after his aptitude tests showed he was actually very organised for his species. That, and he specifically requested a calmer speciality as he still was a pacifist. He did learn how to use a phaser, but refused to partake in the holodeck scenarios where you shot at holograms...instead happy to fire at lights to see how accurate he was. He graduated in 2384 and was a crewman assistant to the Yeoman of the USS H.G. Wells, where he learned how to do the job of a Yeoman, but also how to deal with some difficult people and situations. After he had completed his training he was transferred to the USS Charleston, where he served as the Captain's Yeoman until he found him in the sort of situation that none of his people wanted to be in, in the beginning of 2389. It was shoreleave and his Captain had asked him with him to collect something he needed from the market...the black market. A fight ensured and when a weapon was drawn, Victarion had to make the decision what to do. He was armed with a phaser, the other man with a knife and going for his Captain. So instead of drawing his phaser and firing, Victarion threw himself between them and was injured. It was not life-threatening, but his Captain was furious and got him transferred off the ship for doing, what he considered, a coward's act.

So Victarion ended up on the USS Galileo, with the hopes this would be a posting of more calm, hoping to learn from past mistakes.
Medical History - Nothing has showed up on his files until 2389, when he was stabbed to the chest in a fight. Surgery cleared up the injury and the mark, a faded reddish scar, has not been removed as of yet.
Service Record 2383-2384 Starfleet Enlisted, Administrative Training
2384-2386 USS H.G. Wells, Yeoman's Assistant
2386-2389 USS Charleston, Yeoman
2389-PRES USS Galileo, Yeoman

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