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Crewman Indri Chara

Name Indri Chara

Position Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Crewman

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Tellarite
Age 20
Date of Birth 12/11/2365
Place of Birth Khaliar Outpost 02, Onias Sector

Starfleet ID

Serial Number TK-227-1343
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Gamma

Physical Appearance

Height 4'10"
Weight 97 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black/Gold
Physical Description Chara is short and slim, with three fingers at the end of each hand, cloven feet, and the 'snout'-like nose of Tellarites. Her hair is wildly curly and plentiful atop her head. She wrests it into a tight bun while on duty. Chara is not conventionally attractive even by Tellarite standards. She has a formal bearing on and off duty.
Body Art None.

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Father Vylal Chara
Mother Krasshan Chara
Other Family Kravassa, aunt. Dgrath, uncle. Thyk, cousin.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Free speech/efficiency (Tellarite-thing). Resents suppression. Not really rude/insulting, but standoffish. Tellarites think her adapting to Starfleet life is permissive and meek, that she is submerged by Voices other than her own. Decisive, unhesitating, unyielding.
Strengths Determined, intuitive, unusual, 3-dimensional, outside the box, romantic-notions, vast-universe, appreciative, inward-strength, listener, quiet.
Weaknesses Prudish, grim, ornery, formal, argumentative, resistant, hostile, uncompromising, pressured, type-A. Suspicious/non-trusting. Hates her given name.
Hobbies & Interests Languages, literature, writing.
Vernacular Chara learned Standard as a second language, though the only sign of this is her more formal phrasing. Rather than any tracing accent, hers is clear and precise. She has worked hard to suppress any indication of her origins. Her real first language is a mish mash of pidgin-NlaA'ay-sat/H'td'zsad Tellarite, mixed with various languages and species passing through where she grew up.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, NlaA'ay-sat, H'td'zsad, Some Yverish.

Personal History Chara grew up on a very large space station intersecting the Onias sector, Hyralan and Vendor sectors. Khaliar Outpost 02 was a dingy, grungy backwater station with fifteen thousand residents, and served as a dual resident and tourist facility. Crowded with various species (though only a few Tellarite), Chara grew up in the mixed cultural atmosphere that such places engendered.

The system itself was tough, often catering to pirates, slavers and mauraders of different varieties, which Chara was exposed to at a young age. Chara grew up with her aunt and uncle, who tried to instill in her a sense of stability, but the pace of life on Khaliar prevented that. Chara developed very little in the way of connection, and substituted that by building walls in her mind instead.

Chara's home-life was less than optimal, with both caretakers who worked jobs, they left her alone with her older cousin who was abusive and disturbing. School was tough on Chara, who preferred Chara instead of Indri. Chara dropped out when she was twelve, reaching the age of majority for Tellarites in the Psi Velorum Block, and began teaching herself engineering applications due to the fact that this was what was taught on her real home planet. She was responsible for anonymously fixing several station problems.

She began sublimating most of her waking days by staying out, going to parties, hiding in Jefferies tubes in order to escape Thyk and his friends. At thirteen years of age, Chara was sent to counseling on the station after attempting to commit suicide. The counselor was bored and incompetent, leaving Chara with even more insecurities than before. Chara formulated a plan then to leave, and started saving up credits. She moved out of her apartment sector and into another across the station, and began waitressing at a bar. The work was shit, the pay was shit, and the customers were shit, but she was finally on her own.

After three years, Chara finally saved up enough credits and bought passage on a leaving Orion cargo vessel. She was contracted as one of the crew, and paid the captain the customary sum of money required to get to the Alpha Quadrant and Tellar Prime. (Her caretakers called it Miracht, and she wanted to see it for herself.) The Orions weren't all bad, but they weren't all good, either. It took months to reach the Alpha Quadrant, as they did not take a direct route, but rather completed jobs on the way. Chara used her engineering skills to prove herself competent and earned the nickname Knjo, or ugly in the Orion language. It was humiliating, but she forced herself to get through it. Tellar Prime was just another sector away, just another system to go.

At long last, the Till'yan dropped out of warp at Earth Space Dock, and Chara departed eagerly. She was given back a very short sum of gold pressed latinum by the captain of the vessel, a customary exchange for her work and endurance. She found, though, that she was able to get transfer on an Earth Cargo Service vessel named Arizona to the Tellar system. There, she was housed in quarters, and left to her own devices. The Arizona finally arrived on Tellar Prime, and she was beamed to the surface.

When Chara entered the outside and felt the sun shining, she cried. The ground, the irrigation systems, the plants, the fields, the buildings that went on forever. She also learned that Tellarite society on Miracht was very different than the manufactured version her aunt and uncle tried to provide. Everyone was rude, insulting and discontent. For a long time, Chara had difficulty parsing the magnitude of cultural differences, but gradually realized the freedom inherent in simply speaking her mind. The quiet Chara shocked her coworkers at the capital city's irrigation network when she simply one day exploded at her colleague for his lack of competence and failure to seal several leaks in the system resulting in potential contamination.

Chara stood her ground, even when her colleague attempted to blame her instead. A happening Starfleet recruiter on a two-day stopover witnessed the short, shaking frame of Chara in all of her contained fury and recognized something. She approached Chara after the incident and offered her the opportunity of a lifetime. Join Starfleet. See the universe. Make a difference. Chara told the woman to go to hell. She didn't want any pity, and she could stand on her own feet. But after that, another incident at her second job had her finally deciding she'd taken enough. Miracht was nicer than Khaliar, but it wasn't enough. Chara knew she deserved better, and she walked into the recruiting office.

Everything changed. Chara was sent to Mars, and then to the specialized boot training on Earth. Earth was almost a paradise, even compared to Miracht, and Chara made friends for the first time in her life, rather than colleagues who got to see glimpses here and there, moments stolen away. She got actual counseling, which sucked, and hurt, but things were finally starting to feel real in a visceral way. Chara rid herself of her terrible mish-mash accent. She straightened her stature, and entered the enlisted security track, applying herself with unanticipated dedication to learning the maneuvers and intricacies of security, both the mundane and the tactical, as well as the physical defense side, which she applied herself to with much greater intensity than some of her classmates, even if she wasn't exactly built for it.

While mediocre to average at physical combat, Chara excelled at the range, and found target practice to be soothing. She developed a veneer of tough confidence, determined to be the best security officer she could be, due to her belief that her position was one that could help people, serve, protect and enforce those under the law, the law that was so utterly lacking where she came from. Upon graduation, Crewman Indri Chara was posted to the USS Galileo, the Federation's top of the line planetary survey vessel.
Starfleet History USS Galileo - Security Officer
Medical History ((Copied from Memory Beta))

Tellarite blood is purple. They had average heights of: 1.8 meters (male) 2.2 meters (female) and a life expectancy of 87 years (male) 93 years (female). Tellarite legs ended in two-toed feet with hooves, and their femur was notable for its missing the third tochanter, and that their fibula was vestigial.

Their digestive system was designed for plants, and as such they had two stomachs which utilized bacteria to break down the food before entering their single intestine. The Tellarite sense of smell and hearing was advanced for a humanoid, while their eyesight was sub par. Tellarites were almost always born in groups of six, as they approach puberty they developed a bristly yellow mane of hair. They reach adulthood by the age of twelve Earth years. Virtually all are ambidextrous.


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