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Crewman Aurangzeb Ameen

Name Aurangzeb Ameen

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Crewman

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 18
Date of Birth 01-27-2371
Place of Birth Agra, India; Earth, Sol System.

Starfleet ID

Serial Number SF-599-8372
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Deck 7 - Main Engineering
Quarters 06-1004 EN
Roommate Aradia Dorr

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1" (185.4cm)
Weight 180lbs (81.6kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Aurangzeb's willowy stature is complimented by an imperceptibly toned physique. The black, messy, unkempt curls of his hair are relatively short, accentuating the youthful qualities of his face. Aurangzeb's lips are full and pouty, usually drawn upward in a quirky grin, revealing a dimple in the pocket of his right cheek. His teeth are impeccably cared for, untarnished and bleached white. His eye color--a muddy brown--is often mistaken for black due to their stark contrast with the rich of his mocha-pigmented skin, which is soft and supple to the touch.

*Pictured is the enlisted uniform variant Aurangzeb prefers to wear whilst on duty.

Body Art Aurangzeb adorns a tasteful gold hoop, aligning the gentle curve of his left nostril. During special occasions, he may swap this piece jewelry for something more ornate. Coupled surface piercings angle the defined adonis belt of his pelvic area, near either hip bone. Aurangzeb wears a small, garnet bindi and participates in the tradition of applying henna body art during special occasions and celebrations.


Spouse Not applicable at this time.
Children Not applicable at this time.
Father Rajesh Ameen | 55 years of age | Professor of linguistic anthropology (tenured) at the University of New Delhi.
Mother Sandip Patel 58 years of age | India's diplomatic attaché to Earth's world governing organization.
Brother(s) Commander Dara Ameen | 28 years of age | Chief Security & Tactical Officer on board the Defiant-class USS Washington, NCC-69852.
Sister(s) Not applicable.
Other Family Not applicable at this time.
Pets Not applicable at this time.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aurangzeb is pleasant, articulate, and compassionate whilst being detail and task oriented. Occasionally prone to sarcasm and cynicism, he is an idealist with strong moral convictions about right and wrong, good and evil, and remains courageous about these ideals; among which are the sanctity of life, galactic peace, universal education, elimination of poverty, and the unifying principles of the Federation. His behavior and mannerisms are affable and socially apropos. Aurangzeb places a high premium on good manners and does his best to avoid confrontation. Surprising to many, he has an inherent need to be liked by others and seeks recognition of his efforts and accomplishments.
Strengths Idealistic and free spirited, Aurangzeb's personality is atypical of the usual brusqueness of an engineer. Uninhibited, outgoing, and personable, his disarming sense of humor helps him to make fast friends. Extraordinarily patient and empathetic, Aurangzeb strives to remain categorically diplomatic and urbane, both in speech and action, preferring first and foremost to listen. He doesn't lose his temper often, choosing to focus these energies on assessing the situation to offer the best solution.
Weaknesses Loyal to a fault, and at the cost of his own wellbeing, Aurangzeb will invest the entirety of himself in the care of his friends and family. It's easy for others to take advantage of his kindness, leaving him vulnerable and emotionally compromised. Aurangzeb is quick to shut others out when he perceives a line has been crossed and will hold a grudge for some time. Aurangzeb doesn't always think before speaking, his playful sarcasm often misinterpreted for condescension. He can be quick to apologize, even when there's nothing to apologize for.
Hobbies & Interests Aurangzeb has a keen appreciation for the arts, yet prefers photography and watercolor above all other media and is honing a developing appreciation for music. He enjoys a veritable number of literary interests and journals regularly. An avid outdoorsman, Aurangzeb likes swimming, four wheeling, snowmobiling, skiing (downhill and cross country), snowshoeing, camping (all seasons), backpacking, fly-fishing, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, and mountain biking. Aurangzeb generally prefers games of chance and forms of recreation requiring an above-average amount of physical exertion (e.g.: water polo, field hockey, and football); he's been known to engage in these activities on a purely social level yet enjoys those of solitude, as well. He enjoy's a quiet game of cribbage or solitaire and participates in a daily exercise program to stay in shape. Aurangzeb enjoys the company of friends and family and drinks during social or special occasions and celebrations.
Vernacular Characterized with a mousey disposition, Aurangzeb is exceedingly soft spoken, whose speech has intonations of an Indian accent.
Orientation Homosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard and Hindi.

Personal History On Stardate 48072.8 in Agra India, Aurangzeb was the second child born to Rajeesh and Sandip. Experiencing severe hemorrhaging during a difficult childbirth, medical staff were forced to complete a full hysterectomy on Sandip moments after she'd delivered Aurangzeb. The couple had not anticipated this complication, desiring at several more children. However, with this no longer an option, Rajeesh and Sandip poured their complete being into raising Aurangzeb and his older brother of almost ten years, Dara.

Wanting for nothing, Aurangzeb received an upbringing that bridged the principles of modernity with traditional Hindu values. His father was a renowned professor of linguistic anthropology, tenured at the University of New Delhi and his mother was a leading member of parliament until a promotion to India's diplomatic attaché of the world governing body. Although the family home was in Agra, they spent much time between New Delhi, where Rajeesh took seasonal occupancy during the academic year and Paris, where Sandip resided whilst the world governing body was in session.

A quiet and private child, Aurangzeb exhibited qualities contrary to that of his older brother, Dara, who was more outgoing and personable. Unlike his older brother, Aurangzeb received formal tutelage at home instead of attending public primary school. Although there was a significant age gap between the two, Aurangzeb and Dara shared a brotherly relationship, albeit distant at times.

His tutors noted that Aurangzeb possessed a broad intelligence. Propelled by curiosity and intrigue, Aurangzeb exhibited an unparalleled genius for mechanical engineering several years beyond his anticipated threshold of reasoning and understanding.

Rajeesh and Sandip ensured their intellectually sophisticated child received a well-rounded education, all facets of which fueled Aurangzeb's need for knowledge. Additional to a deep-rooted interest in mechanical engineering, his parents ensured that Aurangzeb was introduced to the arts and was active in sports.

Shortly after turning fourteen, Aurangzeb started exploring his sexuality, which he'd questioned for several years. Feeling no attraction to women, Aurangzeb explored situations of a sexual nature with peers of his same gender. Like his education, Aurangzeb relished this newfound knowledge, yet never fully invested himself into a relationship of any kind, preferring, rather, to err on the side of scientific curiosity and treat the experiences as if it were nothing more than an experiment to test the boundaries of human sexuality.

At the age of seventeen, Aurangzeb completed his formal education with opportunities waiting at several prestigious secondary education institutions throughout the world. However, Aurangzeb resisted.

Aurangzeb, having closely followed Dara's Starfleet career, regularly communicated with his older brother, either through written correspondence or visual communication. Intrigued by his brother's adventures of exploring the unknown and making fantastical discovery's in far off galaxy's, Aurangzeb determined that the only way to satisfy his own rampant curiosity, was to follow in Dara's footsteps and join Starfleet.

Impatient, Aurangzeb longed for immediate satisfaction and, as such, enlisted with Starfleet's Corps. of Engineers instead of enrolling in the academy.
Starfleet History On Stardate 65187.4, in the company of his parents, Aurangzeb applied for enlistment at the Starfleet Recruitment Center in New Delhi. Showcasing a boundless reasoning for mechanical engineering, recruiters initially believed Aurangzeb's vast expertise would better be applied with admission to Starfleet Academy; however, at the conclusion of the personality examination, it was determined that Aurangzeb lacked any definitive leadership qualities that would make him an ideal officer candidate. Having passed all oral, written, and physical examinations with a cumulative score of 97.8%, Aurangzeb was commissioned the enlisted rank of Crewman Recruit and ordered to Starfleet Academy in San Francisco to complete basic training.

Recruit training, more commonly known as basic training and colloquially called boot camp, was the initial indoctrination and instruction given to new Starfleet enlisted personnel. Although future officer's underwent a similar program, their instruction was completed at Starfleet Academy while those whom enlisted were dispatched to training camps throughout Earth. From Stardate 65255.1 to 65423.3, Aurangzeb was assigned to Camp Pike. Camp Pike was the primary training location for high aptitude enlisted personnel.

Although not intellectually stimulating, Aurangzeb enjoyed basic training for its prosaic nature. Finding solace in its regimented structure, Aurangzeb thrived in the environments' strict adherence to order and organization while enjoying the intense physical demands and 'back to basics' mentality.

Unlike his peers, Aurangzeb's personality seemed hardly affected by the environmental stimuli of basic training. Seamlessly adapting to the teaching style, Aurangzeb defined himself amongst the ranks, not necessarily as a leader, but as an intuitive contributor whom relied on training and a considerable amount of ingenuity.

Testing high in all brackets, Aurangzeb effortlessly excelled through each level of training. At the conclusion of basic training, Aurangzeb graduated third in a class of forty and received a promotion to Crewman Apprentice. His parents had been present at the advancement ceremonies and even Dara was able to take temporary leave from the Washington to proudly watch his brother earn a Starfleet enlistment commission.

A brief leave allowed for the family to reconnect, an aspect of his training that prohibited any form of communication with during the basic training period. Although leave was short, it provided an invaluable opportunity to visit one last time before Dara returned to active duty on board the Washington and Aurangzeb departed for additional training.

On Stardate 65443.5, Aurangzeb and nine other apprentices arrived on board Jupiter Station to start SCE training. Through comprehensive testing, Aurangzeb consistently scored high in mechanical repair; because of this, he was immediately assigned to the SCE's damage control training detachment.

This would be Aurangzeb's first time spending a significant time away from Earth and it affected him deeply knowing he was no longer within transporter range of family. Now feeling the almost constant tug of lonesomeness, Aurangzeb treaded in the depths of this emotion on a regular basis. He wrote home to his parents and to Dara as often as was possible, which for him was almost a nightly occurrence. Although he would have preferred visual communication, the training program mandated written communication only so that the apprentices could better adapt to life far from home. For each apprentice, they shared the bitter feeling of loneliness, yet it was with this intent in mind that they now started to turn to each other for mutual support and comradeship.

Unlike basic training, SCE training was very different. Although the apprentices' physicality was tested at regular intervals, more emphasis was placed on education and training; the application of learning. The days were long, with the first six to eight hours committed to classroom instruction, while the remaining four to six hours were used to test this knowledge. When an apprentice wasn't in the classroom or on duty, they were usually nose deep in their coursework material or pulling practice sessions in the laboratories or holodecks. A superior officer or crewman could quiz an apprentice at any time, but most took pleasure in this right of passage when it appeared as if the apprentice was most at ease or relaxing.

Once again, Aurangzeb thrived; he enjoyed the fast paced complexities of the program itself, which were beyond challenging. Although, unlike his peers, he had a more difficult time in effectively communicating and forming any kind of bond or friendship with the others. In fact, his fellow apprentices had nicknamed him 'mouse' for his quiet disposition. Yet, many were magnetized to him after witnessing his intellictual prowess in practical application. And, although quiet, there were those that identified almost immediately with his compassion and friendliness.

After six months of rigorous and constant training that required the complete, unflinching devotion from the apprentices, they graduated with specialties in their respective field of study. Aurangzeb proceeded through the advancement ceremonies with the highest accumulated grade point average amongst his peers; he received a promotion to Crewman as well as letters of commendation from several instructors.

Unlike basic training, none of his family were able to attend the ceremonies due to other obligations and, although this deeply affected Aurangzeb, especially the absence of Dara, he had little time to stew. Quelling the feeling of loneliness, Aurangzeb received expedited assignment to his first duty-station.

Stardate 65877.9 would find Aurangzeb assigned to his first five-month tour of duty on board the USS Maine. Assigned to the Pathfinder-class's engineering department, Aurangzeb joined Beta Shifts Damage Control Team. Due to its limited resource capacity, the Maine served short periods of time out of port before necessity required it back for resupply and crew exchange.

This first tour of duty was exceptionally dull, wrought with regimented routine that did little else but help Aurangzeb excel socially. The Maine's five month mission was the scientific and navigational study of a class three comet traveling through the Tessen System, the star system nearest Starbase 152, which was where the Maine regularly embarked for resupply. The Maine encountered no issues that would warrant the use of Aurangzeb's skills and expertise. So, when he was offered another five month tour of duty on the Maine by the ships Chief of the Boat, he graciously declined and requested transfer.

On Stardate 66225.1, shortly after returning to Starbase 152, Aurangzeb received reassignment orders to the USS Galileo. Rumor's had it that the Nova-class starship spent much longer periods of time away from port and that its mission parameters, although scientific in nature, were considerably broader due to the vast resource capacity of the starship.

Assigned to Galileo's engineering department, Aurangzeb reported on board and assumed this new role with a more hopeful mindset.
Service Record Stargate 65187.4: Starfleet Recruitment Center, New Delhi, Earth; Sol System. Successful completion of all physical, oral and written examinations with a cumulative score of 97.8%. Commissioned the enlisted rank of Crewman Recruit.

Stardate 65255.1 to 65423.3: Starfleet Basic Training | San Francisco, Earth; Sol System. Promoted to the enlisted rank of Crewman Apprentice.

Stardate 65443.5 to 65696.4: Starfleet Corps. of Engineer's SCE Training Program | Jupiter Station; Sol System. Promoted to the enlisted rank of Crewman.

Stardate 65877.9 to 66214.1: USS Maine (Pathfinder-class) | Damage Control Specialist, Grade 1 on Team 2 - Beta Shift.

Stargate 66225.1: USS Galileo (Nova-class) | Engineering Officer - Alpha Shift.

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